Friday, July 26, 2013

I Must Have Done Something Right

It has been a busy week here at my house.  
Sorry for so little posting. 
 Once again I am working on some things I am not able to share at the moment 
so there seems to be very little to show you!

I was in Grand Rapids yesterday to take my dad for a driving test. 
 He did not make it past the written part of the test and now has no driver's license. 
 Moving into this part of life is not fun, for either of us.  
I have really mixed feelings about this, but we are trying to come up with some alternatives.  

Earlier in the week my DD1 texted me and told me to go to the vet tech office at work because she had left something there for me.
  Hmmmmm what could that be? 
 No, she told me there were no eggs this week. 
 Then what?

I'll show you what!  These beautiful Stargazer Lillies!!!

OMGosh they smell so good!!!

She picked them out of her garden.

Isn't it sweet when your children do things like this to surprise you?

I also managed to finish a few bee blocks for July.  
Now just 2 more to go.

I hope she likes them!!  

They were fun to make, but I am happy to send them out too.

Hope you are having a good week too.



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Those bee blocks are phenomenal; the lilies are incredibly gorgeous... think I can smell them from here. Your family situation hits close to home, sending you big hugs of understanding and praying for patience for all of you!

dianne said...

oooo!!! i LIKE those blocks!!!

my mom has been gone for a year and a day ... she gave up driving four or five years before she died and i was relieved that i didn't have to take her keys away from her - she really did miss the independence that driving gave her, but i think she was pretty much okay with not having the worry of getting lost or in an accident or other peoples' road rage ...... i'm not sure that i could pass the written test, either - i know how to drive, but multiple guess questions are a shot in the dark for me...

Ruth said...

Would this help? If he can't drive anymore, then he can sell his car, no longer has to pay for gasoline, maintenance or insurance. So, with the money he's saving, he can hire car service (if it's available where he lives.)

Donna~~ said...

Can he retake the test? My grandpa struggled with the written part, but with coaching passed it. His actual driving skills were fine. Somehow the written part just freaked him out. (But IF you think his driving skills weren't the greatest, then maybe it is a good thing, too.) The seniors in my mil's area all use a local cab to take them around town. In my parent's town, there is a senior bus/van service which is reasonably priced (I think $2 a trip). Hope you can find an alternative. Those lilies are lovely--how luck to be able to grow them! The bee stars are so detailed!

Karen said...

Oh dear! So hard. I applaud you both for being smart to go through testing...sure you are creative enough to find a solution. Those lilies are gorgeous!

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