Monday, July 22, 2013

Between Friends

I only have a minute but wanted to let everyone that has been asking about my quilt "Wedded Bliss."

I am totally in love with this pattern.  
It was originally designed by Darlene of Quilting Daze, as Between Friends. 
 She had the original pattern published as a free one on her blog.  
I don't think the link is working any longer.  
I have my downloaded copy of the pattern and I changed it up a bit with how I did my borders though.  I suspect she would send you her pattern if you ask or
 if she gives you permission I am happy to share it with you too.  

I used it as a heads and tails project and had all the pieced blocks made pretty quickly.  

Do you know about heads and tails?  
Here is what I did. 

 I had a lot of these 2.5" squares of blue and green and would sew a pair every time I was finished sewing on my "main" quilt project.  
So at the "tail" of my main project I would sew a pair, clip the thread and 
take the main project to the ironing board.  
When I was ready to begin the next step in my main project my "tail" pair 
would become the "head" pair.  
When I finished the next step in my main project I would grab another set of squares and use them as the tail end of the strip.

This accomplishes two things.  

It finishes a second project with very little effort on your part and it also saves on thread!.  
Some people use a thread bunny but again you are wasting thread that 
you could be using to sew two tails together and get a second project done, kind of for free!!

You can use anything as a heads and tails project.  
Remember those paper dolls?  
I totally cut up a bunch and have used them as heads and tails.  

Want to make a scrap vomit quilt?  A GREAT Heads and Tails project.  

(I'm a Ginger Monkey quilt photo)

How about an X and + quilt?  Totally could do this as a Heads and Tails.   

(My friend Robin's Owl and Pussycat quilt)

Anything you can cut up ahead of time you can use.  

I hope you will send off a note to Darlene if you are interested in a copy of her pattern.  
Please let me know if you make one of these wonderful quilts too.

Have a happy day!!



Judy in Michigan said...

Love the term "heads and tails". I have heard it called Leaders and Enders by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. Your term is catchier! Thread Bunny = Fons & Porter call it a Spider but I agree, what a waste of thread and a Bunny is sure better than a Spider. Love, love your quilt!!

beaquilter said...

ha ha vomit quilt... recently did a trip around the world like that as leader and ender and later did an x and + quilt too

Foolish Feathers said...

I have been so out of the blogging loop lately, not roaming blogs as I used to either. Today I jumped over to my own blog to take a look at what need to be updated and your post just flashed at me from the sideboard! Thank you for sharing your post today, it really bit me, tempting me to return to quilting again! Tomorrow I shall dust something off! You are so encouraging by what you share because you are so real. Thanks!

Darlene said...

Your Wedding Quilt is fabulous, Pam. So are all your quilts - always fun to see what you've been doing.

Yes, I will gladly send a copy of my Between Friends pattern to those that request it. Thank you!

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