Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Is It WIP Wednesday Already?

Wow, it is difficult to believe that it is Wednesday already!  
I hope everyone in the States had a nice long holiday weekend, I know I did.  
I took Friday off too so it was nice and extended for me.  
It was super hot and humid for Michigan so not much outside work. 
 I did manage a little weeding but not much.  
I tend to wilt in the hot weather.

I hope you were all able to work on something fun over the weekend. 
 I worked on getting my bee blocks finished. 
 I also worked on my Fox quilt but more on that later.  

These bee blocks are part of the good stitches bee.  I really loved these. 
 They were easy to make and I had fun sorting through the scrap bins to make them. 
 I think this would be a fun way to use up monochromatic scraps and make a kick ass quilt. 
 Wouldn't this be fun in rainbow colors?  
Maybe we could do something like this as a QAL?  

First I made monochromatic log cabin blocks like this.

Then I surrounded those with larger, low volume logs for a finished block like these.

The original, inspiration quilt for these can be found here, at Quirky Granola Girl's blog.  
This is what it looked like. 
 Her process was a little different.  
She started with the monochromatic log blocks then added in low volume logs to complete her quilt.  Go over to her blog post and check out the process.  
What do you think about doing something like this as a QAL?  
I think it would be a lot of fun.  

The A2MQG is going to enter a charity quilt at Quilt Con this year.  
The person in charge of our quilt asked for Mod Mosaic blocks ala Elizabeth Hartman. 
 The finished blocks were to be in multiples of 6 " sizes, ie. 6 x 6, 6 x 12, 12 x 12 etc
Let me just say how much I HATED making these blocks (sorry Ann).
I didn't mind making them so much as making them to a specific size.  

That being said here are my 2 (after about 4 hours of making and re-making, UGH)
They were to be made using the solid sashing of one color and solid of another of the chosen colors.

I also managed to make 3 bindings.  
I don't like making bindings but at least they are ready when the quilts come back to me.

Fox, Tardis and Rainbow Plus bindings are ready for application.

 As per usual my supervisor was hard at work "helping"

I know some of you must wonder what my quilting area looks like 
so I took a wider shot with Autumn on my sewing table.  
As you can see this ginormous table takes up the entire center of my room! 
 I need to take you on a sewing room tour someday too.  
My space is not that big but I am grateful I have an entire room.

I took this one at the end of the night of sewing on Monday.  
Autumn is covering her eyes and it looks like she is praying. 
 I love it when she does that!

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday and Let's Bee Social.  

Be sure to let me know if you would like to participate in a QAL. 
 Otherwise, maybe we could do a monochromatic log cabin block drive. 
 What do you think about that? 
 You could send blocks like I made, or even just the monochromatic log blocks with some low volume strips and I could put them together for charity quilts.  
I don't have much in the way of low volume prints.

Any interest in something like that?



Jayne said...

Now I want to make a log cabin quilt! I love the color with the low volume so much! Thanks for the inspiration. There are so many possibilities for this technique!

Kaja said...

I agree with Jayne - I love the balance of the colour and neutrals in this quilt.

Laura said...

I made a queen size quilt or of that mosaic pattern. It was fun, but tedious!

Laura said...

I made a queen size quilt or of that mosaic pattern. It was fun, but tedious!

Debra said...

Autumn is a cutie! Everyone needs a quilting assistant. Oh, and the log cabin blocks are really nice too!!

margaret said...

I like the log cabin blocks but the other two you have made would be difficult for me to do, maybe interested in a QAL but do not have many scraps following the scrap vortex I did, if I completed a few flimsies I would have more but do not put left overs in scraps till quilts are completed.

Autumn is a lovely cat can see she is a god companion to have

Kat said...

I really like your log cabins with the low volume! That quilt is going to be gorgeous. Kat @ said...

Like your log cabin blocks. They are very cool looking.

Dolores said...

A QAL sounds like fun. It's a lovely quilt.

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