Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Will I Make You What??

This was my question last night when my beautiful daughter brought over her pea hen, Beep.  
The request that prompted that question?  
"Hey mom, will you make Beep a chicken diaper?"  

She had used an online place to purchase previous chicken diapers from for her other pea fowl that lived in the house but Beep is a female and a little smaller.  
The online place is no longer making and selling chicken diapers hence the request.
 The things we do for our kids, eh?

So while I tried to figure out how to go about making a new chicken diaper, Beep and her owner were hanging out in my sewing room last night.

She will fly right on to your arm too.

I needed to get that diaper made quickly as I didn't want her leaving her calling card in my room.

All that being said, here is the finished "chicken diaper".  You put a resealable, plastic bag inside.

Here is Beep modeling her new garment.  
I thought we should have used something more flashy for fabric.  
My daughter assured me it needed to be brown so as to blend in.  
Anything else would not be dignified. 
 (you do know your bird is wearing a diaper, right??)

Who knew I would be spending my night creating a chicken diaper!
We are up to our eyeballs in canning, but I had to beg off helping to make this.

Hubby put up ~20 quarts of tomatoes yesterday all by himself.
He still needs to can the corn and the beets.  
I have to trim a quilt and sew on the binding.
I am hoping to do that when I get home and maybe go to quilting tonight.
I may get pressed into canning service.  
It seems unfair to expect him to do all the work alone.
We shall see.

So what do you think?
New business venture?

Have a great day!



Unknown said...

I love it! I've made a diaper for a dog before, but I have never heard of making one for a chicken! What a fun night you must have had! LOL with you!

CA Bobbie said...

U r amazing ! Yes, what we do for our kids. Love ur blog and ur innovative talents. Bobbie out in San Diego. rjc2cam(at) msn(dot)com

Vickie said...

LOL, so will you be making a pdf pattern for this? looks like fun! said...

Wait isn't Beep a peahen which is a female peacock? Shouldn't she have peacock colors? A Chicken diaper huh? I grew up with chickens and geese and was not aware of their physiology until recently when I read up on our chickens.

margaret said...

this is new to me nappies for pets whatever next I wonder, shame she cannot be trained to use a litter like dogs, cats and rabbits personally I think that is much nicer than having to wear a nappy!! I am sure the pea hen would to

Judy in Michigan said...

OMG - how funny - practical for sure!!! I sent you an email from my other account so it may be in your spam folder - jsq... It's an important message from me LOL.

margaret said...

well I have seen it all now a peahen in a nappy. Can they not be trained like cats dogs rabbits etc to use a litter I feel sorry for her in that nappy!

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