Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Musings

My weekend was a little bit odd.  Husband and son were gone deer hunting 
from Friday to Saturday night. 
 Michigan had 2 odd deer hunting days in certain overpopulated counties. 
 Both my son and his friend, got a doe.  
That kept them busy for a few days.  

I had to hurry up and finish a quilt for a really dear friend that is in the hospital.  
She has cancer. 
 I don't want to show her quilt just yet but here is the label.

I can show you the back too.  I used cream flannel on the back. 
 She is in ICU but I am hoping that she will get to use this. 
 Please pray for her.

I almost have the green and gray plus quilt bound and finished too. 
 I need to take some photos once it is finished. 
 Kathy did a great job quilting both of these quilts for me!

I did happen to make an Infinity scarf and can see more of these in my future.
Though I would not make them so wide and I would wash the fabric first, for cotton.

My ever present helper was not in her usual place.  She got tired of me shoving her off the dark green flannel and retreated to a nice fabric lined cubby!

 I needed new jeans badly.  Mine were getting so big. They were on sale. 
 I tried on one size smaller and lo and behold it was still a little big. 
 I tried on TWO sizes lower and they fit!!!  
I texted this to my husband and he asked me if my cup size was two sizes lower too.  MEN?! 
 I sent this photo to my daughter and she said they looked big still, but they fit just fine!

I also managed to get the wedding quilt top finished but need to move on to embroidering the label.  Once the label is finished then I will figure out how to incorporate the signature blocks 
and the label directly into the back. 
 I HATE sewing on labels!!! 
 I did some weeding (pictures later) and finished the second baby quilt top for donation. 
 I need to make backs and bindings for those and take them to my other quilter friend.

Phew, glad to be back to work!  Wait...did I just say that??  LOL

How was your weekend?



Judy in Michigan said...

Congrats on the "skinny" jeans...what a great feeling!!! You were so busy - maybe that's the secret to losing weight. Looking forward to seeing the fronts of your quilts. said...

Congratulations on going down a couple of sizes. Can't wait to see your quilt.

CA Bobbie said...

yeah for your efforts on losing the weight/sizes. Bobbie

Ioleen said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I enjoyed reading your email. Waiting to see pictures of the quilt for your friend. Prayers go out for her.

barbara woods said...

congrats on losing weight

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