Friday, September 25, 2015

Plus Quilt Gifted

I was fortunate enough to finish my quilt this week and to gift it yesterday to my friend that is going through treatment. 
 Here are some photos of the finished quilt.
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 This came out so great! 
 Thank you to everyone that sent me blocks! 
 I was able to get this quilt plus 2 smaller ones
 (I still need to put the second one together) 
out of all the blocks.

 I am loving these cats.  It has been one of my "go to" gray fabrics!

Oh look, Sparty snuck in there.

I love Jenny's little Pezzy plus.

Metallics, and pearl bracelets and AGF oh my!

It was so fun to have skinny and chubby and such nice variety in this quilt.

You may remember that I did a large green cross on the back with the label centered but it really shows off the quilting on that flannel!

This may be my favorite photo of the group.  You can really see the quilting and the brilliant texture my LAQ, Kathy, gave this quilt.

I am working hard on the last wedding quilt (for now anyway).
It looks like my weekend is totally taken up with non-quilty things this weekend.
I am hoping to get time tonight to sew.

Anyone in North Carolina, Mebane area?
We are going to be in Mebane in 2 weeks.
We will be spending a few days in a cabin in the mountains near Ashville too.
So if you are anywhere near Durham, Charlotte or Raleigh lmk and maybe we can meet up!

Have a great weekend and thanks again, SO much for helping me complete this quilt so quickly!
The quilting community is the BEST!

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Unknown said...

great quilt! :)

Turid said...

Lovely quilt with lovely colours.

Judy in Michigan said...

Turned out great and I hope that your friend finds great comfort with it. It's fun to see your fabrics in someone else's quilt and also to say "Ooh, sure wish I had some of that fabric!!"

Ioleen said...

Very nice quilt. Love all the greens.

Michele T said...

It looks fantastic!!!! said...

Your quilt turned out lovely, and I love the texture of the quilting.

Unknown said...

Love it! what a great quilt!

margaret said...

a lovely quilt and all the blocks from others blend in to it so well, hope you are able to link up with other bloggers whilst away

Lorna McMahon said...

Such a beautiful finish! Love that you incorporated all different sizes of those plus blocks. And the quilting is fabulous!

dianne said...

sending positive thoughts to him and to her and to the people they love ... and to you and yours ... you are the best - you can wrap them in love without even being in the room...

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I hope the quilt brings a lot of comfort and love to your friend. It is a beautiful finish. :)

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