Wednesday, September 02, 2015

WIP Wednesday

What's that you ask?  Another wedding quilt?  Why yes it is!  
I am working on getting this bad baby done so I can send it to the quilter next week.  
Once again my quilt inspector was hard at work "helping", or at least that's what she told me.

Here are 2 of the 3 rows completed.  
Sorry for the poor lighting, my hallway is pretty dark, but that is where I hung a design wall.  
Also excuse the laundry!  

I worked until about 9 on Sunday.  
I managed to get the entire center put together and the first border on.  
I still need to put on a small border and then the last outer border.  
I won't probably be showing this again until I can gift if so the person I am making it 
for won't get to see it done until she opens it.  

WHEW!  I feel like I have been chained in the quilting room!  
Hubby got home last night so 
I will be spending time with him for awhile and not in the quilting room.
WIP Wednesday for sure over here.

What are you working on?



Jacqueline said...

it is beautiful.

Kat said...

Looking great! This is going to be so cool when it's finished.

margaret said...

this is looking good and very modern. I am finally learning to appreciate grey, at one time did not like it at all but now seem to think I could do with some in my stash

Lara B. said...

I'm totally love the block design and the subtle color combinations you chose! Your recipient will be so pleased!
Your quilt inspector looks so contented. Every home needs a kitty like that!
I'm happy to have found your blog too! :)

Judy in Michigan said...

I meant to write earlier this week but, well, you know. I was just so excited about Labor Day (NOT) that it slipped my mind. The wedding blocks are just the most beautiful I have ever seen!!!! So classic and modern at the same time. The fabric almost looks like satin. Can't wait to see the whole quilt. Enjoy the holiday!!

Unknown said...

I love that quilt top! Could you share the pattern, please! I have looked at so many patterns that I'm dizzy, and still haven't found anything that I truly love until now...I love, love, love it!

Mama Spark said...

@susan Norwood, you are a no reply blogger so I hope you come back and check these comments. The pattern is called Round and Round and is by Thimbleblossoms. My friend, Crazy Quilt Girl has it in her shop here: said...

Love the colors of that quilt. Right now you are churning out wedding quilts. In a couple of years you will be churning out baby quilts.

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