Friday, January 20, 2017

Ocean Waves QAL Check In

I thought, since we have had a couple of weeks since the start of the Ocean Waves QAL,
 I would see where everyone is at.  
If you missed the first post you can find it here.  
You should be cutting your squares for the quilt at this time.

I have cut a LOT of strips and am working on subcutting those into 3" squares.

I have ~12 blocks worth of the blue fabrics cut but 
need to get some of the white cut so I can sew a few.

As you can see my quilt inspector is quite unimpressed by my progress.  

Here is a view of the little squares all neatly stacked up!  

I want to cut some more of the other navy fabrics for some variety. 
 My plan was to make each 1/4 of my block out of the same navy fabrics.  
What I am finding is that I have some left overs from some of the strips.  
So now rather than waste those I am wondering if I should do some of them scrappy navy.  
What do you think?

Also I plan to incorporate some of the Neptune fabrics into a few of the blocks
 but have not cut that fabric yet (my Precious, haha).  

So, how are you all progressing on your cutting?  Anyone ready to sew yet? 
 I hope to get all my cutting done this week so that next week, as I am working on a baby quilt that I need to make, I can sew some HST as Leader and Ender blocks.

Time to "Link Up" and show us what you have so far. 
 Don't worry if it is only just the fabric, please show us that too!  
Wherever you are that's what you should show.  
No pressure at all.

You can click on the blue Inlinkz button and add your blog post to our link up, complete with photo!
Also use #oceanwavesQAL on Instagram to show your progress too.

6 comments: said...

I found a fat quarter bundle and ordered some additional fabrics to use. I have most of my strips cut and am working on cutting some squares. I think my blocks are going to be scrappy but from the same line of fabric. Maybe I need to write a post. :D

Toni Macomb said...

My HST's are all ready to sew! My little squares are 2 1/2 inches and scrappy but with a preponderance of blues, greens and aquas. We will see how this plan works out. For my layout I needed 770 but...I knew that some "paired" colors that looked good on the cutting table may not work in the final quilt so I've made about 800. Why "about"? 'cause I weigh counted them on my food scale. There is room for error! I probably won't start sewing the blocks until next week as I have other projects that need my attention.

Mama Spark said...

Toni Macomb, your squares should be 3" and then the HST trimmed to 2.5". Hope that's what you meant!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm not joining in at this time, but I'll keep the directions for when I've finished some more pressing UFQ's.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I have a question. I am studying the Ocean Waves Coloring guide.
If this is the guide that you are using for your quilt, I count 52 HSTs and 12 each 2.5" squares for each block. This is based on a 2 inch finished HST and then it is only 16 1/2' unfinished block. Can you tell me if I am accurate in studying the block?

Thx, I do not want to select fabric and make the HSTs and be short in fabric, or trying to come out with an 18 1/2" unfinished block when it is 16 1/2".

Mama Spark said...

Please see corrected sizes in the first post. The amount to cut is accurate. The finished block should be 16.5" before sewing them together. Sorry for any confusion

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