Friday, January 05, 2018

New Year New Plans

I told you I was going to get around to making some plans/goals for this year.  
I finally have some time to do just that.

The Quilter's Planner on IG asked for three goals for 2018.  I chose to respond with quilty ones.

So let's elaborate on these shall we?

1-Finish Some WIPs:

Yes, yes, we all *say* this is something we will do but does it actually happen?  I have to say that it usually does NOT happen for me.  I find that "have to" sewing usually gets in the way of my best laid plans.  This year though as I said previously I have way less of those (so far anyway).  I made a list of my WIPs (some not all) and will do my best to make a dent in them.  Oh, so, you want to know what those are you say?  Here is the list I have made to date.

*Purple and yellow baby quilt - top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter
*Green Scrap quilt -  top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter
*2010 Christmas BOM -  top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter

Next up:

*Crazy Baskets - working on the top
*Prismata - I have the pattern ready and the fabrics selected
*Retro Bunnies - All the blocks are made.  I need to determine how I want to sash this and find the backing I bought to use for it
*Jelly Roll Sampler - Blocks are made, I need to determine sashing and put together
*Kei Kei Scrap quilt - I think I still need to make a few more blocks, but when I get to this one I will re-assess
*Partridge in a Pear Tree - pattern and fabrics are together
*Tisket-A-Tasket - Some blocks are done but everything is all together to finish them.
*Peter Rabbit Cross Stitch Blocks - I think, no, I KNOW, this is my oldest WIP.  I began these cross stitch blocks when my oldest niece was born (she is now 33! Don't judge me!!)  The cross stitch has been LONG done but I have not designed a quilt to put them into.
*Floral Fiber Works Jack the Cat - I have him partially completed.  My DD2 wants one too, but I can't officially call hers a WIP as it is not begun.  I think when I finish mine I will give myself permission to begin hers.
*Chicken of the Sea - I need to make the words for this quilt and put them with the blocks.

WHEW!!  I *wish* that was ALL my WIPs but sadly it is not.  It may be close if I am only counting ones I have actually made a start with.  Stay tuned!

2-Destash and Declutter:

This is something I need to do in my quilt room (I am drowning in fabirc, and I know I will never be able to use it all.  I am thinking that I need time to pull fabric out cubby by cubby and re-home those fabrics that I know I will not be using.  I need to do this with my books too.  I hate to admit it but I still have some bins in the basement that I need to go through and either move to the quilt room or re-home.

I also need to do this in my home (so my kids don't have to deal with what I had to when my dad passed away).  Part of this will be addressing the bins in the basement.  I need to go room by room and purge.  Hubby has already begun doing this in the kitchen.  He is planning a MASSIVE garage sale in the spring.  I would say clothes need to come next for me too.  I have lost quite a bit of weight and need to get rid of clothes that no longer fit me.

3-Spend Time Using my EQ Program:

This was a goal I had last year and I even went to the EQ University.  I learned so much!  Then came home and promptly did nothing!  I hope to change that in the new year.

Additional life goals for 2018:

- I have some older cross stitch projects I would like to finish.  I dug one out recently and have been trying to stitch at night so I can be in the same room as my hubby. 

-Continue my weight loss goals and striving to be more healthy.  Healthy eating is always evolving at my home and we are doing pretty well.  I need to help my hubby with his eating so he can lower his A1c and not become pre-diabetic.  He is definitely a WIP, LOL.

-Plan some trips with my hubby in the new fifth wheel.  I am looking forward to doing some short trips this year and getting to spend more time with my hubby and cats exploring the US.  I received a fold up table to use with my sewing machine for the camper and am most anxious to try it out!

-I want to try yoga too.  I think the quiet time and the exercise will do me some good.

OK, so there you have it.  My goals for 2018.  Have you made any goals for yourself?


5 comments: said...

Great goals. I know I am getting ready for a purge too since I have the great aunt and uncle's belongings, Jeff's belongings and my things too. It is tough though....things I have never seen before, but there are things that I have no sentimental attachment to that I will send to his step daughters. So not trying to be nosy but how much weight have you lost? I see it in your face. Also love watching all of your travels with the kitty krew.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ah, well, we are all works in progress, aren't we? You and I share the goal of learning and using our software more in 2018. I bought the upgrade to EQ8 as soon as it came out and have used it a bit but want to become more proficient with it, and I also upgraded my Bernina embroidery digitizing software today and I need to relearn all of that from scratch because I was going from v6 to v8 with that one and EVERYTHING looks different. But it's so cool what we can do with technology in our sewing baskets, so to speak. Happy New Year!

mtquilter said...

Wow! Those are some great goals! Sadly I haven't had much time to think about specific goals but I do want to get into a daily workout routine. I've been cleaning out my closet as I have been losing weight. Some clothes have been given away and some just boxed up. Hard to let go when I've had the history of losing and gaining...kind of a security blanket of sorts.
I do plan on working at quilting my stack of quilt tops. Once I get the backs and batting ready for them the quilting step goes pretty fast.
I also want to plan some camping and vacation trips soon. January seems like a good time to do that.
May all your goals be fulfilled. Happy New Year!

Susie said...

What a great set of goals. I, too, have decided that I need to finish my UFO's before I start anything new so after the quilt I am currently doing it will be onto those before anything else. I want to make a scrap quilt this year as I have lots of scraps as well so that will be my reward for finished my UFO's. I also have the same goal as you and getting rid of things from our home that we don't use, want or need, including our garage. I also have the same goal of getting healthier in fact we could be sisters as our goals match! Can't wait to see pictures of your trips in the fifth wheel (we don't have one of those) Happy New Year. Hugs, Susie xx

KaHolly said...

Some pretty ambitious goals, all achievable. Glad to see some nonquilty, just for you, goals tucked in there, too!

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