Thursday, January 11, 2018

Baby Ryan's Quilt

I was *finally* able to gift this adorable little fox quilt that I made last year.  
I loved making this for my friend, Ellen's daughter and SIL's new baby.
Pattern is called Little Fox and you can get one too right here.

The applique fox was my favorite part!  I hand stitched his whiskers on.

I hand embroidered a label for the back.  
I am liking putting then into the binding.  It kind of kills two birds with one stone, right?

I found this adorable Minky backing and had to buy it for this quilt.  
It is incredibly soft.  
My friend had never felt Minky before.  
Who doesn't know what Minky is???  
Are you kidding me??  
I have a feeling now that she knows, her quilts will have this on the back too. 
 It is nice since it is usually 56" wide too.  
Sometimes it comes even wider.  
Amazing stuff!

 This is baby Ryan with his mom and dad and the quilt.  They really seemed to like the quilt.

It is so special to be able to gift something you made with so much love and have it be so appreciated.
I just love this sweet little family and I know my friend 
(grandma, Ellen)
 is over the moon about this little guy.
Thanks again for dinner.
We had a great time visiting and meeting baby Ryan.

Congratulations mom and dad, you did very well!  
Enjoy that baby quilt.

XOXO Auntie Pam



Rebecca Grace said...

That is such an adorable baby quilt! I LOVE the fox applique. What a lucky baby who gets to snuggle under that Minky goodness!

Angie said...

Very pretty quilt. The fox is super cute! said...

Sweet quilt. The Minkie looks fabulous. Oh the baby is so sweet.

KaHolly said...

Awwww, this post gave me goosebumps!

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