Thursday, January 04, 2018

One Monthly Goal

So this is new to me, this setting one monthly goal.  
There is a blog that has a button and prizes if you participate 
(not really my incentive, but always a bonus!)  

I think this monthly goal will be to finish putting the Crazy Basket quilt top together. 
 I can't even remember when I started this project but it had to be in 2010 or sooner.  
I was pretty new to quilting at the time I think.  
I have decided to make some progress on my gigantic group of WIPs.

This is a Buggy Barn pattern but I always intended to make it a bed size quilt.  
Who really needs another 60 x 64 quilt anyway??  

I didn't care for the sashing either and like the look of the baskets without it. 
 That means that I need to make more baskets.  
Since you make them in groups of three I think I need to either make 12 more.  
So far, since taking this photo, I have made 6 more.  
For some reason, I always end up needing 1 more basket.
Since you make them in groups of three that leaves me with a dilemma.
Do I figure out how to make just one?
Do I leave one blank and quilt a basket into it?
I am leaning toward the latter, but what would you do?

Even so, that is still not going to make it queen sized.  
I don't think I want to add borders either.  
Also, sorry for the poor lighting but it is winter in MI and 
when I put these up it was dark and below 0 outside.  

I will be evaluating my WIPs as I pull them out and deciding if I even want to finish them. 
 If so, I need to make a plan for where they will go. 
 I may put the tops together with the back, batting and binding and pull them out as I find I need a gift for someone too.  
I'm still deciding about that part.
For now, I am happy to be able to work on them as I find them.  
I am working on the ones I can easily find first then digging up more 
(and before you ask, YES, I have way too many!)

As of right now I have three WIPs heading to the quilter and one more (of three total) baby quilts either at or heading to the quilter.  

I only have one more "have to" quilts (so far anyway) to make this year.
It is a biggie though!
I am planning on making some family quilts for Christmas again this year.
Never too early to begin that now is it?

So what are your plans for 2018?

I will be linking this up at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Loving the baskets. You can always make a throw pillow with the extra block.

Ioleen said...

I really like the baskets. If you only need one but have to make three, you can use one as a label and one as a pillow.

Welcome to one monthly goal.

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