Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I am sorry I am so late today! 
 I had to take my son to the primary care doctor for his follow up.  
They took him off the injectable medication (yay) and now just on Coumadin. 
 I am happy to be finished with the Lovenox for sure.  
It is now up to his body to clear the clots and resolve the pain.  
I fear this will be a long term issue, but we need to be patient.

On to our quilty progress. 
 Last night as I was doing laundry for my son I started to panic 
that I had NOTHING to share with you all.  
I ran upstairs and managed to sew my basket top together.  
Thanks to you all, I now have a completed top!!! 
 I work well under pressure, LOL.

Here it is. I use my long hallway in my upstairs so the lighting is not the best.

A few close ups of the baskets

Of course Finny wanted to help.  He is getting so BIG!

Cole was more interested in watching the squirrels!

OK, so thanks again for pushing me to work on my WIP.  
Now I need to figure out a back and cut the batting. 
 What are you working on? 
 Please link up.



Judy in Michigan said...

I'm working on "my" version of Gingiber's Thicket quilt for a soon to be born baby. I can't post it on IG because the mom reads my posts. What a fun pattern to work with! I'm doing it with moss green, soft brown, cream, red, blue - lots of woodsy colors.

mtquilter said...

Your basket quilt looks great! Love the spring colors. I'm working on prepping a wool applique Buttermilk Basin flag that is #3 in a series of 4 for my sister's birthday in April. I've given her one of the series for different occasions over the last couple of years. I also also have Bonnie Hunters' On Ringo Lake mystery hoovering in the background. Ready to start step 3. I have to make a mug rug before our February guild meeting as part of an exchange. Not busy at all! :) I love every minute of it! Have a great day!

Dots said...

What relief you must feel about the good progress your son is making. That was intense! And a very serious health condition. May he continue on a speedy recovery. Thank You Jesus.
Hopefully things will smooth out for and you'll be back into your normal routine. Your basket top is pretty. I like the color choices.

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