Thursday, May 10, 2007

Current works in Progress

You asked for it and now here are 2 of my current works in progress. I am in charge of a group of women quilters at my church. Our group is called Poke-N-STAB quilters. (STAB is for St. Thomas A' Beckett church). I try to keep a hand work project going most of the time so we have at least one continuous project. I find that pieced blocks seldom come back at a uniform size and many of the ladies don't like to use their sewimg machines so I usually choose an applique, something simple. Simple because I usually end up with all the prep work and all the putting the quilt together! The first one we did was the butterfly one I posted about awhile ago. The latest one is these scotty dogs. I think we will have enough to do 4 X 6 -12inch blocks with 2 on the back. We tried the Quiltsmart method for these. I let the ladies choose their own fabric and we got quite an assortment! I am thinking of sashing them with assorted plaids in varying lengths but I have not really decided. I asked the ladies to bring in their plaids so we can see what we have to work with (also uses up some of the stash...BONUS!!)I actually did some of them and you can see one of my Halloween scotties in the picture.

The other one I did was just some fall colours and a turning twenty. I think it came out rather nice for such a simple pattern. I loved many of the fabrics (all from the stash)like the funky roosters and the acorns. I adored the backing fabric which was also from my stash. I got it a little while ago with the intent of using it for a back. It was clearanced for $2.00 per yard and I got it half off that, great deal. Now I have to do the binding. If you are counting, that means 2 to put binding on. This one will be a gift so I can't say much more as the person it is intended for may read this blog from time to time.

I finished the blocks for the Texas quilt and since the lacrosse game was cancelled for today, I figure it is a good time to put the last two rows together and add them to the quilt. Then all I will have to do is cut and sew the borders, yeah!!

Oh yeah, for any of you that have been wondering...DD#1 just heard and SHE GOT THE JOB!!! I guess that means she will be moving to Indiana. I am so thrilled for her!!! This job and the community suits her so well. I know God made this place and this job for her. A long time ago when she was little someone told me that my DD would be a teacher, not just of children but me as well. I have to say they are correct. She is a wonderful young woman and I am very proud of her.

What are you working on??


QuiltingFitzy said...

Congrats for your daughter's successful job-finding. Always gives me pause when my kid's cross those lifetime achievements.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely quilts. I head up a Quilt Ministry at my church! We make simple tied comforters and give them all away. Individuals, group homes, agencies, hospital patients, nursing homes, babies being baptized... you name it, they get a quilt! The Scotties are adorable, your Turning Twenty very pretty and big congrats to Indiana-bound DD and her new career! So, will she be taking a new quilt?

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