Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This and That

I wanted to post but I only have a few minutes and I hate to post without photos! So here are 2 of my cats. Hallie was all stretched out on the piano in front of my sewing machine and Jack (formerly a stray, currently enjoying the life of Jack!) was all stretched out on my bed. He was laying on a quilt I made for my middle DD. She loves flamingos so I made her a YBR using flamingo fabric. A lot of the fabric was from the clearance section, but I think it turned out really well. I *want* to post some of the things I am working on but two of them are just sewing on binding and both are for gifts, so I will post pictures once the binding is on but you won't know who they are for until I give them and one is for Christmas! I want to show you the Texas quilt but I need to add two more rows before I put up a photo. (Wow, I guess I am a little vain! Note to self, WORK ON THAT!!) I have to go and make dinner for the kids and then off to quilting with the ladies at the church. I hope to collect up the Scottie dogs. Hey, I'll bring the camera and photograph them! Then YOU guys can suggest some ways I can set them together!!



Laurie Ann said...

What beautiful kitties! I especially like the calico, or is that a tortoishell. I can never remember the difference.

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