Tuesday, May 01, 2007

PCS Lacrosse

This is why I have not been posting a lot lately! My son, Thadd, plays attack position on the PCS lacrosse team at his high school. If you have never seen a game you are missing out! Lax is one of the most fun sports to watch. My daughters are not huge sports fans, but the love watching the lacrosse games. We have a game tonight and another one on Thursday. We had 2 games last week. My friend Terry and I are running the concession stand, ie buying all the stuff, setting it all up and tearing it all down and scheduling all the workers. It has been a lot of fun and not as much work as you might imagine. These are some photos of the team from last year.(We are in the blue) I have not been on the field to take any pictures this year, as there is another man doing it and I just want to enjoy the game. We have 3 high schools on the same campus and the kids take classes at all 3 schools (supposedly saves money for the district). So our lax team is combined. Next year we have to split into 3 individual teams. We will probably struggle to get enough boys but we should be able to field at least a varsity team. The last picture in this group was my all time favorite of all of the pictures I took last year. I probably took over 1000 pictures and my dd, Shelby, took them and made a DVD for all the boys. She set many of the pictures to music and individually placed each picture so many of them actually match the lyrics in the musid, which was totally cool. She did an outstanding job! I wish you all could see it. I had soooo many photos that she didn't even use them all as they (with the music) would not all fit on a DVD!! I even had some video in it. The weather here is cold and rainy today, I hope it clears up a little for the game tonight.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Lacrosse game in person. Good luck on the next game and with your concessions!

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