Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you that have children (even if they are the furry kind). My day started off slow with none of my human children home, but Jack was sleeping with us. He came up and head butted me and rubbed his nose across my face purring all the while. My DH made me breakfast and then I got to go and sew! Idecided that I needed to finish Thadd's quilt top today so I started about 10am and finished about 2pm. It's DONE!! Now I have to make the back, YUCK! Which will involve piecing. I will use only the scraps and fabrics from the stash. I have a few blocks left over so I will piece these into the back, but not today! I would like to make the binding tonight too. I made the binding (from the excess backing) for the turning twenty last night and will probably sew it on, then I will have two that need binding turned.

Thadd came home from his friend's house and so did Kelsey. Kelsey bought me a gift card to her favorite store(Victoria's Secret.) She and I will go out today and get some flowers for her garden and maybe mine too. We spent a lot of time cleaning out flower beds yesterday after the lax game. I still have part of the back and all of the front beds to do, ugh. It is hard work and I got quilt sunburned at the game yesterday. (my face and arms)

I have to go for now. How did you spend your day today??


The Calico Cat said...

Did you applique those Long Horns?

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