Tuesday, May 29, 2007

San Francisco Part 3

Here are Some more pictures from the trip. I am hoping to get through a few more tonight! I didn't realize how many I took until I want to post some! The first one is a really odd tree that I was fascinated with. The blooms look like a bottle brush! Kind of Dr. Suess esq, laugh. The next few are in the aquarium at Moneray. First is the kelp forest. Quite beautiful, my pictures through the glass don't really do it justice. There were some kind of silver fish just hanging in the kelp and they looked like the leaves, which is probably what they are supposed to look like. Then, of course, the sea otter, sooooo cute!!. The next one is a replica of the whales we actually saw in the bay, the Humpback. They are ginormous!!! You remember the pink flowers in the last post? Well, they line the shore in Moneray bay and this is what it looks like, kind of more purple from a distance.

The last few are from inside the aquarium also. The jellyfish exhibit was amazing! Then these river otters looked like they were kissing, adorable!! I thought these sea pens and I have no idea what the other things are were neat too. Then we drove down to the 17 Mile Drive. A scenic drive around a lot of golf courses. Pebble Beach, of course. My father is a HUGE golfer, so I had to take pictures there too. There was this lone tree with a partial wall around it that was so cool. Probably one of the most beautiful views on the entire trip. The last one is just from one of the beach spots but isn't it beautiful?

I saved this one for last. I had to go to the bathroom and right next to the bathrooms in the aquarium was this huge aquatic sea life quilt! This is a pic of the entire quilt, made by a lot of different people from all over the US. It is all appliqued and embroidered, just fabulous. I have some close ups if anyone wants me to post those I can do it later. (I'm getting the evil eye since I've been on the computer soooo long!!)


The Calico Cat said...

Please do post all of the close ups! (Is the wave that is visible in the sashing part of the print or the quilting?)

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