Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And Snow it Continues

Oh yes...this snow is what greeted me this morning as I went out to my car.  I shoveled a path to the car, then another path to the garage as it is garbage day, then a path down the driveway so I could get the cans to the curb.  This is my front walk way.

Then I had to scrape the drift off the car!  It was burried!!!
I just thought I would share some photos of our weather since many of you have been showing such beautiful warm, sunny weather.  Now here is Hallie, since she didn't get into the action with the last photos of Autumn and Aiden.  Jack was up on the Ugly quilt last night but I was too tired to look for the camera.  Isn't Hallie sweet?  She was a rescue cat brought home by DD1.  She is kind of a fraidy cat but she loves me!
I tried to cut the squares of the Ugly quilt up into their 4 parts but couldn't find my 24" ruler.  I have to check the car, as I think that is the last place I remember having it (for a class) .  Wish me luck or I will have to use one from the church.  I did put 2 smaller ones together but that was a pain.  I did like how the triangles look once those squares are cut up, the pattern will be cool.  

I hope you are all staying warm if you got hit by all that snow like I did.  At least it is sunny here now, and the snow is beautiful!!  

Several blogs that I read have recently been talking about menopause.  My friend, Robin, sent me a song about it that is hysterical, if any of you want to hear it email me and I will send the MP3 file to you.  It is really worth the listen!!  I don't know how to post it here but I can definately send it to you.


Faith said...

I hope you don't get too cold.
I love how every cat that loves helping you with the quilting has a different character. The snow in your photo looks amazing we have not had snow like that in the uk for years. We would get just a covering of snow then the snow would be gone the next day.
Hopefully you will find your ruler I get frustrated when I lose certain tools too.
Take care and keep warm.


atet said...

We didn't get snow today (though we're supposed to at some point). I'm with you though -- enough with the winter already!

Pat said...

brrr...this is the winter that never seems to end in the's hoping spring comes soon and will melt away the snow and ice :)

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