Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Red Shoes

I know it has taken me awhile to post a pic of my new red shoes (clogs really) but aren't they cute?  There is a strap across the top of my foot but I am not talented enough to raise both pant legs and use the camera at the same time!

I got these in Shipshewana and I like them almost as much as my green ones.  
I finished the back for TUQ last night and brought it all for Liz to work her magic on.  I used a light aqua print for the border that I really liked and it had these orange viney things running all around on it with teal and orange flowers on it too.  I am uploading a photo of it right now. It is one of the fabrics in this ugly quilt I actually like! 

 I loved the aqua dot fabric too (that was Kelsey's favorite one also).  I actually *bought* that one to go with the other ones.  So I bought 3 fabrics. excluding the border to add to the FQ's I was given.  I think I will have to tell my friend, Ellen, that if she wants to buy me fabric for Christmas or my bday, please buy something I like not "something outside your comfort zone".  I would *never* do that to anyone, especially now that I know how it is to work in that context.  
I couldn't get a good photo of the flimsy as it is very BIG.  I will see if I can get Robin and Liz to hold it up so I can take a photo and post it later!  Have a good day!!


Laurie Ann said...

Love the cute new shoes!!

Pat said...

A teaser on TUG...ummm...I can hardly wait to see it done! if you wore shorts (or capris)...we could see the 'whole' shoe :) hey, it's just a thought :) very cute shoes from what is showing!

Mama Koch said...

What brand are the shoes? They're darling!

Faith said...

wow this quilt is no longer called TUG it's just getting prettier and prettier, hey I love your shoes they are great, great shoes make you feel good and great shoes too!!

Marilyn R said...

Love the shoes! I wasn't able to check out the shoe dept. when I was there a few weeks ago - too many other things to look at I guess! Shipshewana is so much fun!

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