Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Arch Nemesis...TUQ

OK, OK...I'm ready to cry Uncle here. So I was working away on TUQ and had made almost all of the sets of 4 blocks I thought I would need. Mind you I had a lot of the triangle units left for being so close,hmmm. Counting proceeded and guess what? Yep, I had *more* of those but certainly not enough of the regular strips I would need to do the border. ARRRRRGHHHHH. Why didn't the pattern just *tell* me how many 12.5" blocks I needed to make so I didn't make as many from the strip sets as I could? Why didn't I actually *think* about what I needed to do before merrilly cutting and sewing? Am I a moron? Nope, it does NOT say anything about how many 12.5" blocks to cut. Omsosis, I guess. So I had to do the unthinkable, you got it, buy MORE of this hideous fabric!!! YIKES!!! It only comes as a bundle, of course, so I had to buy the bundle. So I decieded, lemons---lemonade, right? I decided I didn't like how it finished in half a 4 block unit anyway so this will allow me to extend it (which, IMHO, they should have done in the first place. Now I will be able to make it a little bigger and have enough squares for the border too. OH yeah, about that. Now that I am making the quilt bigger, the border needs to be bigger and so I had to buy more of the border fabric too.

While at JAF I decided to check out the clearance too. I found some really cute nursery rhyme toile like fabric in pink and green for $2 a yard, so I bought what they had to use for backs. Also I found this really cute MSU ribbon and *had* to buy a spool of that too. (I don't have photos of any of those things).

So I guess the road to Hell is really paved with good intentions. I started watching Beauty and the Geek with DD2 and didn't touch the machine until she left around 6pm. Bad me...bad!!
I need to finish this quilt and soon. I spent most of Sat cleaning the sewing room and the downstairs as DD2 was coming home from the week in CO. Her BF's parents were giving her a ride home from the airport and what if they want to come in?? The Sewing Room was a MESS and I needed to clean the entire downstairs. So I spent all day cleaning and doing laundry (so I could do hers when she got home). Well, LSS, they did NOT come in and the airline lost her luggage so, no laundry. At least the house is clean and this week I can sew guilt free!! The next day they had 4 of the 6 pieces of luggage, no snowboard though. Bummer. She got her suitcase and boots and so did her BF but they both lost their snowboards. They have 5 days to *find* thim so we will see what happens.

In addition to all this excitement. DD1 informed me that she was giving her 2 weeks notice and that she needs to move out of her apt in IN by the end of the month (told me on Friday). So her plan is to move in with my dad and sister (they are very excited about this) and put her "stuff" in storage. So we will see how it goes. The official start of the lacrosse season kicks off on the last Sat of this month so it will be a busy few months coming up (hence *needing* to finish TUQ).

Whew, anyone got some additional caffeine? I might need some = )


Mama Koch said...

That was weird that it doesn't say how many squares to make--maybe they left that paragraph out?

The "helper" pictures are just darling. Sleeping with the chin on the machine is something.

Pat said...

Your cats might screech a little when you stick 'em! I'm off to post your 'package'...should be there is a few :)

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