Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Am I crazy??

Wait...don't answer that!  So here is the situation.  I got a phone call from someone "in the know" at the church where I run the quilt group for the CL's.  He told me that there is a new RCIA (adult education) person coming on board and that she is going to be taking over all of the space we are currently using.  ARRRGH!!  So this necessitates moving the sewing machines, and accumulated "stuff" somewhere.  I am not certain if we will even have  a place to store anything or to quilt.  I am not certain when this will be revealed to me either.  So I have decided we will get rid of as much as possible to be ready to move or totally abandon our storage area.  The possibility exists that we may have no where to quilt any more.  But we might.  

Here in lies the source of my feeling like a crazy woman today.  Some of the CL's belong to another group that meets in the morning at the Cherry Hill Village Theater.  They call themselves the "Cherry Hill Quilters".  There was a rumor that this group wanted to start up an evening group.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Wit for it...wait for it...Yes, I called the CHVT yesterday and got the name of the person in charge of the am group and volunteered to be in charge of an evening group!  (I have not had the nerve to tell DH yet!)  The CL's quilt on Wed evenings which we were changing to Tues beginning in Sept, the CHQ evening group would begin in the fall and meet on Wed evenings (which is why I changed our night to Tues when I put in the space request recently).  Yes, I know, I certainly don't have enough to do in my life, right?  Well, what's done is done!  With the new group all I need to do is make sure that as people join they pay the $20 and are registered with the township.  No group projects, no teaching, like in the CL group.  This could, potentially, free me up a little more to work on my own stuff.  If both groups continue to exist it will be a little more stressful.  I may have to consider switching to just one of the groups.  I don't know what to do if that happens.  I don't want to abandon the CL's but it really would be great to not have to spearhead everything!  I think I will put the choices into God's hands (obviously I'm being lead down another path by a power greater than mine anyway) and it will be less stressful if I let Him make the choices for me, right?

I just had to share with you all.  If you have any ideas or suggestions they would be appreciated.

On another note.  I am helping Robin get ready to host the wedding reception at her home on Sat so I am busy  with that right now too.  She asked me to come over and help her decorate on Sat am before the wedding, so DH and I will probably go and help out with that.  I am making another garter for Karen as the other one I made she doesn't want to throw.  I am using the cheater garter ribbon from JAF.  Got enough to make one for the other Brazilian in the lab that is getting married in Dec too while I was at it.  I will take a photo when they are done.  I am also going to try to get a photo of that nasty bruise on my thigh today so you can all see how HUGE it is (ok, no laughing at the fat on my legs though, ok?)

More later!! 


Pat said...'re NOT crazy! reminds me of the old saying, "If you want something done...ask a busy person!" You will figure it out as you go along with Divine help, of course :)

The Calico Cat said...

What is a CL?

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