Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quilty Progress

Who says writing a blog isn't inspirational?  I did NOT feel like making this block last night but I remembered that I told you all that I was going to make this block  so I *had* to do it, right?  When I got home from work DH asked me if I wanted to walk to the Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Of course, are you kidding me?  So we went to dinner and when I got home I felt like a slug but...I just *knew* you were holding your breath waiting to see this here it is!  I love the fabric but did not like making this block.  Too many little seams to match.

Here is the little table runner made from left over fabric from 2 big quilts and then another small quilt.  I got it back from Liz yesterday all quilted up and now I just need to put the binding on it.
I love this little quilt.  I did the star in a class in Paducah and then added the fish border.  I asked Liz to quilt something from the sea on it as I wanted to call it "Star of the Sea".  So she just went to town.  
There is a crab with some seaweed.
A little fishy,
An octopus,
And this little sea horse!
But my favorite is in the middle, a huge Sand Dollar!  I think Liz did a fantastic job on this one!!
Then I decided I needed to make cushions for my patio furniture.  I have these 4 wicker chairs and one love seat.  I want to just cover pillows and use those in the furniture instead of making actual cushions (hate using piping and zippers).  This is the fabric I found that I want to use.  This one is aqua but it comes in gold, orange and lime so my dilemma is whether I need to use all the colors, just aqua or aqua and lime (a lot of my house is done in aqua and lime).  Any suggestions?


Kim West said...

I too signed up for the mystery BOM; I am still waiting for my package... hopefully today (husband is at work tonight so he won't see it!!!)

Holly said...

Cute block, that first one. It looks like "stretched stars" blocks positioned in such way as to make a secondary design.

Lovely quilts all. Especially the quilting in the stars of the sea :)

Anonymous said...

Great Job,! It was nice to meet you in class! Jan Krentz

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