Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hail to The Victors...Literally

I was working on finishing my "M" quilt into a top and we had a hail storm.  Short and sweet, but LOTS and LOTS of hail.  Maybe it is a sign that this needs to be the name of this quilt?  See all that hail on my deck?  My poor rose bush is growing through the slats on my deck so I thought this made a cool picture.

I did finish the M quilt and my friend Robin took these photos.  I included this one to show you all where we tape the flimsies and take the photos.  You can also see how BIG this quilt really is.  If you look in the window, you will see Lisa looking at me  = )
This is how the M quilt top finished.  I did add one row to make the "legs" of the M longer and now I am happy with it!  I took the left over squares and made another small top that I will show you once I get the border put on it.  I need to make a few more blue strings to do that but it is really cool!  I have quilting with the CL's tonight so should be able to at least get those done.  It will have used up my extra blocks and will be performing a community service too.  How you ask?  Well, there is a woman that works here at the U of M that is in charge of the Gift of Arts.  We have been asking for some space for display of our raffle quilts and the answer is always no.  Now she has been asking for a quilt for the gift of arts to display.  So (can ya see where I'm goin' with this?)  I have a small wall hanging and she is in need of a quilt so...yeah.  I'm hoping that will help us in the fall when we need display space.  Anyhoo, I will post the wall hanging once it is finished as a top, so please hold your breath...ROFLOL!!
What do you think of it now??


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I think it is huge and amazing... you are amazing too. You do such beautiful work!
Hail Mamasparks!

Pat said...

Wow! It turned out GREAT! Will there be a green 'S' in your future...hehehe

Can hardly wait to see Liz's touches on it...the quilt is totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! Terrific! Wonderful! Gorgeous! You rock!

Minick and Simpson said...


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