Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wedding and WIP Progress

Wow-wee it was a jam packed weekend!  Our friends, Karen and Cory got married on Saturday.  The reception was in my boss's back yard.  Here is a picture of me with my sweetie, we clean up well, huh?
This is my friend, Karen, the blushing bride.  She was beautiful and glowing.  We had such a good time at the reception.  They had a DJ and got a dance floor and we all danced until we could dance no more.  I can't remember having such fun!  I gave them the U of M quilt and they loved it (especially Cory!).  I had squares for them to sign to use on the back on another quilt that they will be able to put on their bed.  
Now then, I have been pretty restrained since Paducah but I could not help myself and did a little shopping at The Fat Quarter Shop.  They have an amazing site but I needed *special* help so had to call them and they were so nice and helpful!  You really must go and check them out.  So here is the package that I got in the mail on Monday.  It has the most wonderful Mystery sampler BOM.  Check it out, you will just love the designers (each one is doing a different block each month)  I also got a yard of the turquoise you see for the fresh squeezed fabric I bought in Paducah (no one had this and I want it for a border).  
Here is the fabric for the Mystery Sampler BOM.  The fabric collection is Peace on Earth by Three Sisters.  It is just beautiful!  This is the first block.  I plan to cut and sew it tonight.
Now I missed out on Holly Jolly last year and this is the same colors but the line is called Merry and Bright.  I just love it and bought a layer cake of this line.
I went ahead and bought the finishing kit for the BOM as well.  Please, of pretty please, do NOT tell DH about this package.  He would not understand, but I just *had* to buy these things!  I also wanted the Winter charm pack but restrained myself.  Those fabrics are so beautiful too.  Maybe later!
Isn't this a fine pile of blue strips?  I am making that strippy blue and yellow "M" quilt and have been busy making the blue blocks for it.  I need 120 of these, 52 yellow and 8 half and half.
The half and half ones are kind of cool.
Jack decided he needed to make the strips all furry, just in case someone else needed to make a cat from all his fur!
I had to show you how nicely DD's garden is growing.  Just look at those lilleys!
Aren't they stunning??
I think it looks so calm and peaceful.  Can you see the birdhouse hanging there?  It is Frankenstien's monster.  I should get a photo from the front to show you.
I am going to meet up with Jeanne at a quilt shop in Davidson on Thursday.  I am so excited that we will be getting to meet!  Have any of you that met while blogging actually met in real life?  Tell us your stories!


Pat in MI said...

What a wonderful post!

Glad you had a fun time at the wedding!

A wonderful package of fun from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I actually kinda like the blue and gold/yellow strings...oh no...I feel another quilt project calling my name!!

Quick...I need to get into the beautiful garden and calm down while visiting with Jack!

...i must resist, i must finish what is already started...

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