Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Weekend, Quilted purse supply list

Ah yes, the weekend. Mine began on Friday when I didn't go to work. My body felt like someone had beat me up. I'm feeling much better today though. Anyway, I did a lot of cleaning and some errands (forgot to get the oil changed though) and finished this Hunter star that I began at Paducah with Jan Krentz as my teacher. It will be called Star of the Sea (if you zoom up close you will be able to see the fish in the border).

I made the back and the binding. I also made the binding for my sister's quilt. I finished the chicken purse too. I spent a LOT of time reading my book, Dragonfly in Amber. It is a second in a series and I am addicted to them. I am going to see if Liz can get the next one on audible books for me so I can put it on DH's iPod so I can listen AND quilt at the same time, thus solving my problem of time to read and sew!! Quite clever, that Liz!

We had to go to the graduation party for my niece and it was out of town so that took up much of Saturday. It was OK but kind of warm. My SIL and BIL have moved to CA and near my friend Natalie. My SIL invited me to visit so maybe I will and then visit Natalie too! Speaking of Natalie, she had very nice things to say about me today. I got her to go and visit a quilt shop near her and her most recent post tells all about it. Go check it out!

I made a tutorial about how to make the quilted purse I showed you but I took a LOT of pictures (like 41, can you say over achiever??) so I am not sure how to post them all. It is way too many for one post. I thought about trying to put them on Flicker and then let you go and visit but I don't know if I can put the directions with it there. I am leaning toward doing several posts and I am fairly certain that is what I am going to do. I really like the purse and think it is pretty easy to make so I wanted to share it with you. If you are interested I will tell you what to get and we can start with it tomorrow after you gather your supplies.

So here is the supply list: (This will make 2 purses, reverse of each other)

1 Yd of 2 coordinating pieces of fabric

-Cut one 22" piece of each yard of fabric, WOF
-Cut 2-2.5" strips of each fabric and join them (this will be the binding)
-Cut one 3" piece from each fabric, WOF
-Cut one 1.5" piece from each fabric, WOF
-Cut one 22" X WOF piece of batting

If you prefer you can buy your fabric already quilted. This way gives you more choices as you will sandwich your 2-22" pieces with batting and quilt as desired. For the chicken one I just did diagonal lines and it was fine. On the one in the pictures, I had Liz practice on it for me! Your choice.

Of course, Jack was "helping". He is lying on the squares with the binding sewn on, oh but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself!
Let me know if you are joining me in making this cute little quilted purse! Hope your weekend was swell!


Dineke said...

What a great quilt you have made, I love those blue/green colours. As for your assistant, he is just great. Since the beginning of June I have two of those helpers. Guus is 3, he can help just like Jack. Garfield is just 8 weeks, he is only running around with fabrics. LOL

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Pam... I am trying to play catch-up, and I've been missing some good posts.
We could meet? Wouldn't that be sweet... okay... I gotta put my thinking cap on! We have plans to make!

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