Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed New Year for 2009. I had a nice quiet night at home with my DH and my DD1 and the cats and dog, of course. I managed to stay up to see the ball drop and then crawled up to bed. You have to understand that lately I have been waking up at around 3:30am and not being able to get back to sleep!

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I want to accomplish in my life this upcoming year. Since this is supposed to be about quilty stuff I thought I would begin there.

I decided to post my 2009 works in progress. These are quilts that are in various stages of being finished but have actually been started. I also have a much longer list of quilts that I have bought stuff to do or that I have as ideas running around in my head, but until I actually begin something with them will not be on the list here. I have a list in a notebook, but I will not list all of those here as it would be too long.

I would like to try to finish all the quilts in my list but I know there are several that will need to be made that are not on the list yet as they have not actually been started and they will be priority quits (like 3 upcoming babies).

In addition, I am going to make a more concerted effort to use from the stash first. I really *need* to reduce the size of the stash. I have a lot of fabric and I need to do a better job at working with what I have. I am going to use another person's idea and keep a notebook listing what I use and what I buy. I think this will work best for me.

There are 2 more things I want to accomplish this year too. I have both EQ5 and EQ6 and I want to learn how to use them and do my designing in these programs rather than on graph paper. I also need to learn how to use the embroidery module that came with my Bernina. It is kind of embarrassing that I have had it this long and still am afraid of it!! (I know that LTW is saying, "do it, do it now!!" She has been after me to learn how to use my own so I will quit bugging her to do it for me!

There are, of course, some personal goals too but I need to think about them and will list these later (as DS is bugging e to get on the computer right NOW!!!, He might expire ya know!!)

If any of you want to join me in working on the same goals please let me know and maybe we can be encouragement to each other! I really appreciate it when you guys encourage me to work on my goals!! I hope you have felt the same kind of encouragement from me too.


Jeanne said...

I've been meaning to learn how to efficiently use my EQ, too. I'll get the book out if I can find it.

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