Monday, January 26, 2009

Kara's Quilt

I just got Kara's quilt back from LTW and she sent me these photos of her dog, Buster.  He was "helping" her quilt Kara's quilt.

"Hey what's under here?  It sure *smells* like cats!  They just gotta be here somewhere!"
Now you get the see the beautiful quilting LTW did on this quilt.  She used the same quilt pattern on this one that she used on TUQ (The Ugly Quilt), and I just love this pattern.
The back is a very pale green flannel and I hope Kara will like it.  Here is the front, quilted.  
So bright and cheerful!!


Faith said...

As well as cats next to quilts I also love seeing dogs next to quilts,,, lovely to see pets helping you quilt and do things. I do love the pattern used on this quilt I wonder how long it takes to do a quilt once you hand it in to be machine quilted?

Gina said...

Buster is gorgeous.
The quilt is fabulous

Love and hugs Gina xxx

KZK said...

VERY sweet quilt - and yeah..... Buster is TOTALLY adorable! :)

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