Friday, January 23, 2009

What a wonderful thing!

I just read about this on the Mrs. Goodneedle's blog. It is a letter that the Bush twins wrote to president Obama's daughters. Take a minute and go and listen to it. Take your tissues!! He did a good job with those girls for them to have written something so touching.

Also check out my new button on my side bar!! You can snag it and put it on your blog and send your friends my way!! Mrs. Goodneedle's DIL made it for me!! Thanks Leigh Anna!! She did a great job. Go visit her and Mrs. Goodneedle! Go, do it now!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awww... shucks. Your button looks great, by the way.

Faith said...

Cor.. you were right about needing a tissue it was very moving that letter that the twins wrote. I wrote a letter to President Bush once sending a music demo I never heard anything back i guess they got rid of the demo disk for security reasons lol, oh well that bought back memories lol

Holly said...

What a wonderful letter they wrote to the Obama sisters. Those Bush's have a lot of class.

P.S. I sent you an email :)

KZK said...

Loved your comment over on Elaine Adair Pieces. Spot on.
Great blog - I'll be back to visit!

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