Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

I wanted to give you a close up of the baby basket quilt with the final border on it.  I could have done it from far away but I wanted you to be able to see the fabric.  I like how it turned out.  You will probably have to see it again when in gets quilted too.

Ruth-Ann was the first one to choose.  She ended up with the fabric I brought, but she did not get to keep it!  Grace stole it from her.

Tuesday night was the night we were going to do our 1 yard focus fabric swap with the church ladies for the 5 yard challenge quilt.  Here you see the bags lined up containing the 1 yard pieces.  You also see Pilar trying to decide whether to take Janet's piece or choose from the fabric in the bag.  You see that was the choice.  I had the CL's all draw numbers.  Number one choose from the bags and opened her choice.  Number 2 could either choose from the bagged fabric or take from number 1 and so on.  

I had just "stolen" from Shirley who now had to choose a new fabric from the bags.
Here is Shirley holding the fabric I really wanted.  I stole it from her but because I had 2 draws (one for LTW) and Shirley had the last number she stole it back.  Darn it!  I really loved this fabric!
Now Dolores could not decide what she wanted to do either. It was a lot of fun and there really were no bad choices.  I got a blue fabric with little houses on it.  I probably won't keep it but it will be a nice donation quilt!
Well, imagine my surprise when I heard from my friend, Gina, (who lives in Wales) the other day.  She was the person I sent my Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift to.  She emailed me a few days ago to tell me that she was sending me something in the mail.  It arrived yesterday.  Here is the note she sent to me:

With this BEAUTIFUL book all about Wales!!!  I just love it.  She also put sticky notes through out the book telling me things like where she likes to visit and where she lives and aren't you jealous, isn't this beautiful and this is not far from me, etc.  You probably all already know that this is one of the places I really *need* to visit before I am no longer on this Earth.  *sigh* someday I will do it.
As I was drooling, looking through the book Jack was laying next to me and the timer went off on the oven for dinner.  I got up to take dinner out of the oven and when I came back guess who thought he should plan a trip to Wales?

Look out Gina, Jack and I may be coming to Wales!! LOL


Anonymous said...

The way you had to choose your yard of fabric, being able to steal it from eachother sounds like a lot of fun!

Gina said...

No problem. Stanley would love to have Jack come for a visit

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tiglizzyclone said...

That would be fun if you could go to Wales! I really hope you can! For a long long time my dream has been to go to Portmeirion in north Wales... the location of the village, "The Prisoner." You know, Patrick McGoohan, who sadly just passed away. That is the one place on earth I want to see more than any other.

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