Monday, January 12, 2009

What I did this weekend

We got snowed in this weekend.  I met my friend Yuki on Friday after work and we had a great time.  It was just beginning to snow.  This is what my deck looked like on Sunday.  It just snowed and snowed from Friday night until Sunday morning! Brrrrrrr!!!
I did manage to get the border on my baby basket quilt.  I need to take a photo of it though. 

 I had cut out this quilt a long time ago (maybe 5 years or so) when I made one just like it for a gift.  I had it on my "to do" list so I hauled it out and worked all day and night on Sat and some of Sunday to get it finished!

I am quite happy that I managed to get it finished and I even used a back from my stash!  LTW turned me on to audible books that I can load on to my new iPod.  I decided to try it out so I could "read" and quilt at the same time.  This was amazing!!!  I LOVE IT!!  The only problem is that the ear buds made my ears ache a little.  Well worth it!!  My niece is having a baby and I needed a baby quilt for her baby and I don't know the gender so this will be the one.  It's nice to have 2 baby quilts going to the quilter already.  
I suppose I need to do my reporting now.  I am happy to do the stash report so here goes:

Fabric Added This Week:  0
Fabric Added YTD:   3 yards

Fabric Used This Week:  16.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD:  13.5 yards

In addition, I am using 6 yards of fleece to make a fleece blanket.  I had it left over from something I wanted to do that didn't work out and thought it would be a good way to use it up too.  It is plain green and plain white so I cut out the big block "S"of either color and appliqued it to the opposite color side.  I will cut and tie it on Wed when we have quilting at the CHV.  Does this get to count in the stash reduction?  It is not a quilt but it did take up space in the basement where I store the fabric.  Someone needs to let me know.  I also sewed all the 4 patch units for the Paisley Party quilt.  I will take it and lay it out on Wed also.  I probably won't get to sew it but that's ok, maybe on Thursday.

Tomorrow the CL's meet and we are all bringing our one yard pieces of fabric for the 5 yard challenge quilt.  Funny, the CHV morning group is going to do it too, not with us but at the same time.  I'm glad to see they are interested it this too.  We are going to have our fabrics in individual paper bags and every person will get a number.  Number one chooses from the bags first and opens her bag.  Person number 2 can either take from #1 or from the bags that are left and so on.  It should be a fun night.  I'll try to remember to take some photos to share with you all.

Now on to the weight loss reporting.  I made a decision that I will weigh in on Friday mornings.  I think the Monday weight will always be higher so that's what I'm going to do.  So that being said, I lost 1.6 pounds this week!!  Yeah me.  My stash went down and I went down.  The weekend was difficult but I did pretty good.  How many of you doing this challenge are compulsive weighers?  I weigh myself daily and when I lose I am encouraged but when I gain I am discouraged (although it usually makes me more conscious of what I eat the next day!) 


Finn said...

Hi Mama Spark, sorry you couldn't find the formula Rachel did for us. Because of the pending death, I didn't get back to the blog with more claity. She had posted it in my comments in the post before I mentioned it. Since then she had added it to HER blog, so you should be able to find it there now, if you haven't already. Love the baby quilt with the stars...really a beautiful top!! Hugs, Finn

Shanna said...

Love your new quilt top! It is so colorful and cheerful :o) Great job on the weigh-in. I am also a compulsive weigher and I think it messes me up sometimes because I see every fluxuation. But it is hard not to peek!!

Anonymous said...

Every fabric that you use from stash counts if you ask me. Great job on the babyquilt ánd on the weightloss. Wish I could start with some kind of diet, but every time I try there's chocolate :(

Tanya said...

What a pretty quilt! You can look at each star and relate a story from the fabric I'm sure.

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