Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FINALLY!!! My block of the Month is here!!!

I have finally figured out how to get the patterns up for the houses in "My Neighborhood". I had Leigh Anna Voigt make the button on the left sidebar. If you want to play along go ahead and grab it and put it on your blog. Please let me know if you are making the blocks. If there are enough of you I will make a list.

Mary Johnson was kind enough to allow me to share some space on her website to host the PDF's of the houses. Apparently you can't upload PDF's to Blogger...who knew? well, Mary did, that's who! So if you click on my button it will take you to Mary's website and the patterns of the first 2 houses.

The patterns are NOT reversed for fusible. I did mine in fusible web. I did mine in a free form style but I drew out the patterns exactly as they are on my quilt. If there is something you don't like about my house, please feel free to change yours and make it YOUR own neighborhood!

Hey maybe we will get a global community going!

I will post (or ask Mary nicely to post for me) 2 houses each month from February on. There are 24 total houses. The block size is 8.5 inches (8.0 finished)

So have fun and send me photos of your houses!! This could be a lot of fun!

A HUGE THANK-YOU to Mary and Leigh Anna for making this happen!!!


Mary Johnson said...

Maybe one of these days blogger will let us upload files -- how hard could it be??

Anonymous said...

Wow you've been busy! You changed your blog completely! Sorry to hear you've been sick; hope you're all better now. I'll catch up on your adventures soon and read all instead of browsing..

Faith said...

HI Pam Im definetely in this,,,,, I have downloaded the patterns and my Jim will print the patterns for me at work.. so are we doing one block a month then send to you or do we keep the block ourselves? i cant wait to have a go at this its exciting and the start of my first BOM

Anne said...

Hi Pam, I have downloaded the patterns. I think this will be a fun project. I am not sure when I will get started, but I do have them when I have time. Anne

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