Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

Maybe I should have said Happy Night? (Not whatever YOU are thinking either, DH was out of town). The shop I had DH take my Bernina to (Bits-N-Pieces) called last night and she was ready for me to go and pick her up. *Insert Happy Dance Here* YEAH!! So what was wrong? I hear you ask? The plastic hook inside where you insert the bobbin and case broke. Yep that's right it BROKE!! Now these machines are not cheap so how come they put a plastic part that could break in a spot where a sharp object would be hitting it?? Who knows. I do know that I had Jay (my favorite repair guy) replace it with a steel one. It cost a little bit more but I don't think it will need to be replaced for awhile either.

I brought Kara's quilt and my Texas quilt to show the shop owner, Julie. She has taken some of LTW's business cards but had not seen any of her custom work. So that was fun to show and tell. Then we 3 (me, Julie and Jay) began talking politics. They already know my political viewpoint so it was safe to talk with them. I ended up there talking with them for over an hour!! Then Jay, bless his heart, carried my machine out to the car and asked me where I got my
"nobama" bumper sticker and if I ever see another one would I get it for him. I said "sure" and we laughed. Since DH was overnight in NC it was a fun way to spend some time.

Speaking of fun...Mary will soon be posting the next installment of MY Neighborhood. So hurry right over there and get the next patterns!! If you click on the house link it will take you directly to her website with the patterns. Go on now, get going!!

I also found a cool Ric Rac site from Very Mary's Blog. You may *need* t0 go there and check it out. Who knew there were so many colors?? Now they just need to work on a search and the different widths!

Ok so I also held a quilt hostage last night. kind of exciting, right? My friend Charlotte, was coming over to pick up a quilt that I had gotten back from LTW for her. Well, Charlotte had my last 2 chicks that I needed to have to be able to put that whole quilt together. Well, what's a gal to do? "They don't have their feet and legs yet." She said. "I'll put them on", I said. "but you can't have your quilt until you bring them to me", I said. So she did! Now I should be able to put that quilt together this weekend.

DD2 is coming home tonight and we will be having her favorite thing that I make, chicken pot pie (from scratch) for dinner, then going to see "He's just not that into you". A friend of hers gave her that book when she and her long term BF broke up, before she went away to college. They were going to different colleges. It helped. We said that if it became a movie we would go see it together. So TONIGHT! Then we have Big Tens for swimming tomorrow am to watch her friend Kara swim. She is such a sweetie. I really like her mom too and will get to see her and go out for lunch with them both after the meet. I will get to give Kara her quilt on Sat too.

What are you all doing this weekend?? Hope you have fun!!


MichelleB said...

Mmmmm. Chicken pot pie. Can I have the recipe? Better yet, can I come for dinner? LOL Have fun this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the chick quilt finished.

I need to get caught up on some knitting this weekend, and I have baby quilt to make ;)

KC Quilter said...

Darling new haircut!!!! And the color is gorgeous too.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Just found your blog and love it. I'm in Grand Rapids, MI. We're practically neighbors. Love your neighborhood houses and hope to get started on them. Love your hair cut too.

Very Mary said...

I know - that site is amazing, isn't it?

G'G'ma said...

Great haircut! This weekend....well I went to a baby shower this noon. Stayed up until 2 a.m. working on an I Spy quilt. Finished the last half of the binding this morning. Now I just finished baking 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies for a pot luck at church tomorow. Didn't feel like making real food like a casserole or salad!! I really was planning to make peanut butter/cho. chips but thank goodness I remembered the peanut ban before getting started.

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