Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Anniversary Quilt

I did have a HUGE finish this week. I got both the top and the back done on my friend Karen and her husband Cory's quilt. Brief story of this quilt. My friend Karen was marrying one of my bosses, Cory. I told her that we should have squares at her reception for her friends and family to sign and that I would make them into a quilt for them. I decided to use the squares on the back and make a beautiful design on the front. She chose the block (lots of matching, these were the ones I kept saying I hate making these). I chose the fabric (she wanted pale aqua and pale green). This is the outcome!

This is an up close of the block. No 2 blocks are the same of the 42 I made.
This quilt finished at 90" X103"
I put the signed squares in a pattern across the back. And here they are close up.

I brought the top and back into the lab to let her take to her home today so she can show her mom and dad as they are here visiting from Brazil. They are so sweet! Shhhhh don't tell Karen but I have a surprise coming for her mom and dad too. I am taking the left over fabric (and there was not much) and making a disappearing 9 patch wall quilt for them. I will put a white square on the back for Karen and Cory to sign and give to her parents! With them so far away it will be a nice reminder of their only child's wedding, don't you think? Ahhh, life is good!

I am so HAPPY to finally be finished with this top and back. I made the binding too so once LYW returns from her vacation this will be going to her! Like always I'd like to know what you all think. There are more photos on my Flickr account if you want to check them out, under Mamaspark (Mama Spark)


Pat said...

What a wonderful gift for your friend and her parents! you are a sweetie :)

The quilt looks awesome...can hardly wait until LTW does her magic :)

Allie said...

That is so lovely!!!!! What a great idea and what a great friend you are. Not ONE block the same? That's amazing.

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a wonderful gift! It is a beautiful quilt and I just love those fabrics. Those soft greens are my favorite colors.

dianne said...

truly luffly!

all those points to match! arghh! they would have made me crazy!

G'G'ma said...

Beautiful quilt and I love the colors. And, what a lovely idea for your friend's folks. They will be thrilled.

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