Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Saturday at my dad's

DH and I decided we needed to get back to dad's to install the faucet for him and for me to finish (hopefully) the cleaning of the spare room so DD would have a place to sleep. Now one would think that installing a new faucet would not be that difficult...and normally you would be right. But there was no shut off valve under the sink so this necessitated turning the water off from the basement. Again, no big deal, unless you remember that someone else was trying to clean, now WITHOUT ANY WATER!! This makes things much more challenging to say the least. This is how my DH spent most of Saturday (about 5 hours). After at least 3 trips to Home Depot and many hours later the new faucet is in.

Meanwhile back in the spare room. Look what I found. This little elephant pin is not significant by itself BUT I did find humor in the fact that it is indeed an elephant with my dad's name on it (and he is a HUGE democrat) so that was my chuckle for the day.
DD was fascinated by this Ouija board that used to be mine when I was young. It was inside the metal wardrobe cabinet. She was amazed that it is made in Salem MA. Fitting, don't you think?
We managed to get 35 additional bags out of the room. This included bags for charity. We emptied out the metal wardrobe cabinet, the dresser and a couple of the built in cabinets. I then called my uncle Tom (my dad's brother) and he came and took all the bags away! Thanks, Tom!
So here are some of the after photos. We also got all the carpet out and had to clean the floor and wash the walls (impossible to do without water). We vacuumed the room and did a little washing (whenever they turned on the water) but it needs more. DD will have to work on that. The walls need to be cleaned with TSP as my mom was a heavy smoker and the walls will probably bleed nicotine (yet another reson, as if you need one, not to smoke!)
You can see DD's mattress and chair next to the bed. Next time when I go there I will get photos of it all set up.
She could not be happier to have her "own" room. There are still a few things left to do in the room like finish cleaning out the built in cabinets, the top of the closet and painting and refinishing the floor (this may not be for awhile). I told Dd she can paint. We don't need to be there for that (but you know we probably will).

DH went with DD to her storage unit to retrieve her mattress and chair which meant we were going to miss the MSU game for the final four. I listened to it all the way home and they won just as we drove into our driveway. Sounded like one heck of a game! Unfortunately they didn't win the National Championship title...this year. We have a lot of players coming back so we will see about next year, LOL.

I have more still to write about as some wonderful women sent me some pretty special gifts in the mail but I am running out of time so will post either later today or tomorrow.


Annemiek said...

All DD needs now is a QUILT on her bed! But I guess she's covered in that department!
And again: great job..You must feel relieved!

Allie said...

Wow, I need a nap after reading about all that cleaning! I think I need to know what vitamins you take, lol. Good job!!!!!!!

Lotte said...

It looks like you did a good job cleaning, without water! And I agree with Annemiek, that bed needs a quilt :)

Faith said...

Whooo my heads spinning too after reading about all that cleaning I hope you sorted your gentleman's back out after all that bending down under the cupboard. yes a yummy quilt would look good on that bed wouldnt it..


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