Monday, April 20, 2009

TEA'd Off

Yes...I am "one of those people" that attended a Tea Party last week. It was an amazing demonstration of a peaceful protest of some of the things our free capitalist society is becoming, and we are NOT happy about it. This sign is a pretty fair assessment of how I feel.

I believe this was a quote from Margaret Thatcher. Pretty insightful even though England is not in the best of shape either. HINT: Socialism doesn't work!
This was just the beginning of the crowd that formed in the park. Our state congress man Thaddues McCotter was there and there were people singing and speakers.
The signs were the BEST part! People were so creative!
This man was very nice but his sign sums up his feelings = ) You go Joe!!
This little girl was having a great time and she was so cute. Too bad Obama and the congress are busy spending her money (and her children's money too!)
This was awesome. She is right.
All in all it was a very interesting day and I'm proud to be an American where I have the right to protest what I don't like about what my government is doing. We have no reason to apologize for being who we are, the most successful nation in the world! Who is the country that has your back? It always seems to be us! Thanks for your support England, Australia and Canada! We need to stay capitalist and free, thank you very much!!!


dot said...

I had fun at our Tea Party also. They estimate 5000+ were there. My daughter went with me. I am planning on attending the National one on Oct 2. I hope to see many of my fellow Americans and bloggers there.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I didn't go to a rally, but I agree 100% with them!

KZK said...

We didn't realize there was actually one here in our town until after the fact. Funny how the media didn't report on it. HA!
We were there in spirit. I wonder for every person who attended a Tea Party, how many others they represent?!

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