Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Basket Quilt

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter on Sunday. It was just our immediate family and one of DD's friends for dinner. On Saturday we had a lacrosse game. We finally won a game and DS made 4 goals. That was pretty exciting too. On Monday I was leaving for a meeting and when I got home, my DH told me that the dog had gotten up on the stove and took the leftover ham and at the whole thing!!! Bummer! I was looking forward to leftovers. Stupid dog. This just reminds me again that I like cats better!!

I also got my Baby Baskets quilt back from the quilter on Monday! It is just stunning!! I don't have the binding on it yet but here are some photos for you.

Baby Baskets
LTW did a beautiful bow thing in the handle. I had her use a pink and brown varigated thread (Superior Threads) for the handle, the flowers in the basket and the borders.
You can see the outside border and the inside border quilting here.
The back is as beautiful as the front!
I really LOVE how these baskets came out.
In the negative pink space LTW used pink thread so it did not distract from the baskets.
I chose the flower patterns for the baskets and the negative space. I suggested something like what she chose for the handle. LTW did a little bow in the actual base of the basket and outlined the baskets too. She chose the border quilting.

I brought it to the CL group last night and everyone thought it was just fabulous! I do too. The baby it is intended for will be born April 28th so I need to get the binding done on it and get it labeled soon!! Please let me know what you think.

I am coming along nicely on the QFH too (aka the anniversary quilt). I have several rows finished. I need a night at home to actually work on it though. There is a lot of matching when I have to put the rows together so each row is taking quite a while, although I am liking how it is turning out. Maybe LTW will be able to quilt the h--- out of it? Hopefully it won't be a problem.
I really want to get this one done!

Anyone attending a tea party today? I am off to see if I can find one close by!!!

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dianne said...

are you KIDDING ME??!! the baby quilt is STUNNING!!! now MY socks are knocked off and my feet are getting cold!!!

Anonymous said...

The basket quilt is great! The pattern is lovely and the quilting is amazing. That's an effect I'll never ever get handquilting. Now I get why you sent them out for quilting. Wow!
Don't be to hard on the dog...*lol*
(haha, the word verification for me this time is "hooligan" I hope that doesn't say anything about you and the teaparty..)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your basket quilt is just beautiful. I love the quilting too. Wish I could quilt like that. It really made the quilt didn't it. Your dog - lol. Reminds me of the Christmas Story.

Faith said...

Oh the quilt is stunning I love the design, your dog so reminds me of Tam that is exactly the sort of thing she would do, you cant leave food anywhere around where Tam is concerned. Im still a dog lover but Lurchers only.. I had an argument with a cat yesterday but thats another long story lol.
Will write you an email soon.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The basket quilt is absolutely stupendous, well done both of you!! Lucky baby!!

Kitty said...

That quilt is very pretty. Well done to you and the lady who quilted it. x

Tiglizzyclone said...

I like that quilt... very nice work!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your basket quilt is beautiful!!!! Did you find a tea party?? lolol I'm watching on tv. Love me some Sean!!!

dot said...

Lovely quilt. I attended a Tea Party and it was great. There is going to be a National one Oct 2, you can see the info on my FB. I AM GOING!!! I already informed hubby and he knows not to argue with me on this one. I want to save this country and if this is what it takes I am there.

Janet said...

What a gorgeous wee quilt, no wonder you're happy with the quilting, that's gorgeous too and not overdone either. Just wanted to add that I am in the process of doing the pies and tarts and it's not finished, you might have seen the sample.

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Puh-leeze tell me who your quilter is. She does a great job! Thanks for leaving info about making links. I will try it again and hope for the best!

G'G'ma said...

Love your basket quilt. About your comment....pretty much everything on my blog is completely accidental!!!!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Sweet little basket quilt. I have most of those designs on in my longarm to see them on a quilt!

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