Thursday, April 09, 2009

Also over the weekend

My friend, Suzanne, that lives in Texas is always so nice and keeps DS supplied in UT wear. For those of you who don't know, UT played in the Fiesta bowl and these beauties arrived from Suzanne on Friday. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SUZANNE!! You are the BEST! I'm not sure how much if at all she ever followed MSU but I am turning her into a covert Spartan fan too!! As soon as I get a break in the lacrosse action I will be scouting for some MSU basketball t-shirts to send off to Texas! Second in the nation is still pretty awesome!!


The same day I received the shirts, I received this amazing gift in the mail from Michelle. I remember commenting on her owl fabric and look what showed up at my house!! Aren't they just the cutest?? She sent a nice note and apparently she sent this as a pick me up to reward me for my hard work cleaning my dad's house. What a sweetheart you are Michelle. My Blogland friends have been so kind and supportive of me! I appreciate all the wonderful people I have met via my blog!
LTW had given me this whole cloth quilt and told me to color it ala Irena Bluhm so here is my first attempt at doing just that. I really like how the leaves turned out but need to do some fine tuning on the pumpkins. I decided to add some darker shading and ended up not liking it so I "erased it" using a q-tip. The colored pencil seemed to blend but when I put the textile setting stuff on it all the dark lines showed up. Oh well, it has been fun to experiment with and will still look OK when I'm finished. Maybe a wall hanging or maybe a giveaway...??? Who knows, but it needs to be finished. See how much trouble I can get into when I am avoiding working on the quilt for Karen??
This quilt was made by one of the ladies in my second quilt group, the one at Cherry Hill Village. I am putting it up so you can see the amazing quilting done by our famous LTW. The front looks really cool, especially the curly wool on the lamb!
But the back is where the amazing quilting shows up. All hand guided. Many starts and stops and many thread color changes. She sure does fabulous work!!
My friend, Cori has an online quilt shop. I called her and went by and picked up a couple of cut fabrics from her. I got Sweet and Soiree. They are such beautiful lines!! Go to her online shop and check out her stuff. (Also listed in my sidebar) She charges less than some of the other Moda cut goods stores online and her customer service is the BEST!! If you order be sure and tell her I sent you!!

Yesterday our lacrosse game was canceled so I thought I would stay home from the CHV group and work on Karen's quilt. I had layed it out at the church on Tues night so it was ready to sew the blocks into rows. I am so happy to *finally* be done with those blocks!! I got 2 blocks sewn together when one of the CHv ladies called. "I have a quilt from X I could drive it to you or what are you doing tonight?" No it's OK, I'll come and pick it up, *sigh* much for my planned evening. I did manage to get 1 row done, woo hoo!!! We have lacrosse tonight and again on Sat and both are home games so we will see how much I get done (oh yes, and it is Easter!! so I will have the entire family over, guess I better get cleaning, ugh!)

BTW I follow Kellie's blog and she has the cutest Honey Bunny tutorial over on her blog. You should go and check her blog out too. Her work in truly inspiring! I will be making "Honey" for sure!!


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love what you are doing with the wholecloth pumpkins. I'm anxious to see how it looks when you finish it. Looks great so far. Glad things are going better for you and you are back at creating.

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