Sunday, April 19, 2009

One word...SHOES

I have so much to post but no time to do anything much right now. I found this amazing website with the most fabulous hand painted clogs. So much for knocking my sox off, this blew my shoes out of the water!! You need to go NOW and take a look. I wish I knew what kind of paint they are using, as I would buy some and have my DD1 paint a dragon on some for me. I may just have her try it anyway. Could be interesting!

I had a finish this weekend too, after 12 hours of working but will show you all either later or tomorrow. Today, laundry, cleaning, bills, cleaning the car and looking for pics on DS for a video for lax.



Anne said...

Oh, Wow!!! How beautiful!!! I wish I could afford a pair. Oh, well, hopefully your dd will be able to make you a pair. Of course I want a pair of each!! LOL.

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