Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm Home...Finally

I made my way home around 10:30pm on Sunday night. I had to clean my own home and do laundry etc so I took Monday off of work. Of course we had a lacrosse game too.

The April installment of the House BOM is now posted. You *need* to go and print off your patterns!

Stash report: zero in and zero out so total remains the same (whatever that was last week).

Diet Challenge: I stayed the same. Which is a miracle since I ate crazy this last week.

Now I will bring you back to more from my dad's house. This is a photo of the garbage bags we put in the garage that were taken out from the house. It isn't all of them as my uncle Tom had taken a load to the dumpster already.

Now for the fun part. Here is the counter top once we were finished. Isn't it pretty??
And the sink area was actually clean too!
This was that awful bedroom. The stuff piled on the bed is there so we could take up the carpet. We were using those boxes for stuff for a garage sale and those bags there, full of yellowed newspapers for recycle! See that "dust" on the wood floor? It is broken down carpet pad! the carpet was so thin you could see through it. There are beautiful hardwood floor under all of that yucky carpet.
This is after we took the Dyson to it.
Look there is a floor!!

DH and I are going back there on Saturday. He will be installing new faucets in the bathrooms (one is leaky). Me? I will be back in that bedroom and here is the plan. I want to get everything from under the bed cleaned out, push the bed to the built in cupboards and finish ripping up the carpet. I then want to wash those floors so they are clean. Then I want to empty the brown metal wardrobe that's in that room. I think that's about all I will be able to get finished in a day. I am planning on making them meatloaf for dinner too (in the crock pot, so it can cook while I work).

MSU plays in the final four on Saturday night too so we need to either stay and watch the game or be on our way home so we can watch it at home. I don't want to listen to it on the radio I want to be able to see it!

The rest of this week is crazy and I doubt if I will have too much to blog about, especially not quilt related. We have another lacrosse game today and I will be leaving work early to get to the school to ride the bus with the boys to the game. They needed 3 parents since the coaches won't be on the bus. Thursday is free but I need to get to Sam's for some stuff for my dad. Friday is another away game for lacrosse and I am driving so have to be to the school around 4pm for that. Then up to dad's house on Sat. Maybe I will have time to get back to quilting on Sunday. It would be nice. I have one quilt I really need to finish (for my friend Karen) I've only had it since their wedding last June!! SLACKER!!! sheesh!

Anyway I hope you all are having a great week!


dianne said...

you've all made amazing progress! the hardwood floor will be beautiful when you are finished with it ... hang in there.

The Calico Cat said...

WOW - you guys made great progress.

You must share your meatloaf crock pot recipe.

We are doing heavy duty cleaning this weekend & it would be nice to have something in the pot - & I have frozen ground beef...

MichelleB said...

You're a miracle worker! It looks great. I agree with Calico about the crockpot meatloaf recipe. Please share.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's wonderful to be able to see the accomplishments before your own eyes. I now how much your hard work is appreciated! Take care. I understand about needing to see the game!! Go MSU!

Michaela said...

What a job you guys done! It must feel good.

Allie said...

WOW you are making such a huge difference. Truly amazing. Thanks for the new block too, I love love those houses! Just wish mine was so cute, lol.

Faith said...

Wow the rooms are transformed, thankyou for posting the new blocks, and I hope that you will be able to have some quilting time soon.

Lotte said...

Wow! You worked really hard over there, it looks very nice and well done! :-D

Anonymous said...
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