Thursday, April 02, 2009

One Person's Trash is another Person's Treasure

That's right. You all know that I went through a LOT of trash. What I didn't talk about was the treasures I found. When I first arrived at MSU in 1977 my dad and I went to an Arby's to eat. They were featuring these glasses:

I was thrilled to find this because it made me remember that special day with my dad. It was the first time he had tried a jamocha shake. He *still* talks about that and he still loves those shakes!

I found this old creamer too. We used to have a dog just like this Pojak (boy in Swedish)


Then, and this was a favorite find, I found this elephant pitcher. I remember my mom letting us pour our milk out of this when we had our lunch or dinner. Made milk way better!!


Some of you may remember that my DD2 is studying for a Fisheries and Wildlife degree. I have been collecting fabric for a "save the planet" type of quilt for her. I found this fabulous fabric in that awful bedroom (along with some other fabric, which I will post another time). It is more like a canvas but I think there may be enough to use for a back to a "green" quilt. Check out the bird..."cough, cough"!

Last but not least you need to go and check out who is on Quilter's Show and Tell. It may just be a certain Mama Spark! Yep, go and check it out. You all should share your quilts on this site too. We need to share with fellow quilters! Let me know what you think.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I just love your treasures, and your show and tell is just marvelous! You go, Mama Spark!! Hook 'em!

Allie said...

You found some GREAT treasures! Love the elephant, lol.
Your quilt for your son is AWESOME. Talk about treasure!!!!!

G'G'ma said...

So happy to hear that your Dad is feeling better.
The clean rooms look terrific. Don't you have a wonderful sense of acomplishment?
Years ago all of my family went to MN for my Dad's 90th Birthday Party. He didn't have a cluttered house but oh my, the dust. What triggered a whole house cleaning was the granddaughters allergies.Beds were made for them on the floor with blankets and they didn't even get to sleep that first night before their heads were stopped up. Poor Dad, I don't think he could understand the cleaning frenzy! We took all the bedding, curtains (anything fabric that wasn't sewn down) to the laundry.

i am very mary said...

Your cleaning adventures are wearing me out, but I do like the bounty you've uncovered!

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