Friday, May 08, 2009

Baby Evelyn

Baby Evelyn, the recepient of the baby basket quilt, has arrived. April 28th. I had the quilt finished and decided to make a quilted card to put in with the gift. I used the fabrics from the quilt to make it. Here is the front.

Evelyn's card front
And here is the back!
Evelyn's card back

I forgot to take a photo of the label and I think you might like to see it so I will unwrap the quilt and take a picture today and upload it later for you to see. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day on Sunday!! I never (I mean it too) ever listen to CNN but the radio station was talking about 10 things you should ask your mother. Kind of neat. Let me know if any of you do it. I can't as my mom is no longer living.

I sent a package of vintage papery goodies to a certain someone in OH, so Happy Mother's day to you, (I think you know who you are!)


Allie said...

How sweet is that! I love it!

Annemiek said...

Oké, I'll throw my birthdaycard I mentioned in my email, out of the window..:p
This is a CARD, really great.
Forgot to wish you a happy sunday too in that email.So here it is: happy mother's day!!!!!

The Faerie Queen said...

Very cute little card. I love it. xxx

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