Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It was an eventful Mother's Day weekend at my house this weekend. My nephew and a friend of DD1 came over on Friday and made this wonderful dinner for us. It consisted of fried rice, crab rangoons and almond chicken (which ended up as sweet and sour chicken as the chef made a horrible sauce that didn't work at all!) the crab rangoons are yummy!!

shelby's Aisian dinner
I was busy working on a aqua and brown quilt for my friend Mary. I had to put it away for the night and here is Aiden protecting it!
Hallie was supervising from her perch on the couch. (Aiden would be in the bag to the left of Hallie on the seat cushion of this same couch)
I told you I would show you the label for the Charming Baskets quilt and here it is. I think it came out rather nicely!
Charming Basket Label

This is the aqua and brown quilt before the last 2 borders. It wasn't quite big enough so I decided it needed another border (or borders as the case may be) so I made 2.5" x 5" rectangles and sewed them end to end and put those around next to the brown border. Still not enough, so I am going to add another of the same brown border. I have it all cut, sewn and ready to put on the quilt. Hopefully soon!! I want to make the binding and then have to make the back and then off to Liz. It was not even on my list of things to do but here it is and almost ready to go to the quilter!

Mary's Quilt
In addition DD2 came home and we shopped for plants and then she helped me finish weed her garden and she planted all her plants. (this was her Mother's Day gift to me, her time and help with the gardens) I planted the back garden and a few pots, weeded the front garden. Just have to weed the veggie garden and the garden around the side tree and those will be ready to plant. I need plants for the front garden, just a few petunias, as it gets hot there and that is what I have found works best there. We dug out a dead tree in the front yard between the sidewalk and the street and dug up a maple and planted it there. WHEW!! It was a lot of work! Both girls, DH and me went to see the new Star Trek movie and all I can say is WOW!! DD2 is not a fan but even she loved it! It was a fabulous movie, you all need to go and see it. Captain Kirk as a young guy is so cute!!

DD2 leaves for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands on Thursday so I will be busy getting all her stuff ready for her to go. We did some shopping this weekend too. DH took her for a rash guard suit and a light weight wet suit. I got pharmacy duty. It was a good time! She still has some stuff to do but we are getting her ready!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!! I have to go back to work to recover!!


LuAnn said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!! I love the brown and aqua quilt.

Anne said...

Hi Pam, I just love your brown and aqua quilt. I hope that mine turns out half as nice as yours. I have to get cutting on it, Soon!!!! I wish I could get it done as fast as you, but I have 200 triangles to cut. Glad you had such a nice mother's day. I would have to go back to work to rest up!! Anne

Allie said...

MMMMMMMMMM that dinner looks good! The cats are funny - why are they always so attracted to quilts! I LOVE the aqua and brown quilt. That is turning out so nice, Pam!
All that gardening isn't my cup of tea, but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I'm all for leaving with your dd to the Galapagos, sheesh, a trip of a lifetime!

The Calico Cat said...

Meow - IS Hallie in your banner?
Love the label & the aqua/brown quilt.

MichelleB said...

Your aqua and brown quilt is looking great! And crab rangoons - yummy!

Kitty said...

Oh my - that brown and aqua quilt is GORGEOUS! Seriously stunning - I love it. Well done you.

And Happy Mother's Day - yeah, I know I'm late. Sorry. *blush*


Holly said...

Sounds like you had a great mother's day weekend. Hallie's position on that cushion cracks me up! Cat's are the best creatures. I can't wait to see the new Star Trek movie. Love the brown and aqua quilt.

Tanya said...

Your quilt is lovely and I like the way you made your label! So whimsical! I'll have to try that!

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