Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lacrosse Banquet

The lacrosse banquet was last night. It was kind of a bitter sweet night for me and my DS. He ended his career on a sour note by becoming academically ineligible to play in the last 5 games of the season. For this his coach was a total jerk to him. I have been the president of the booster organization for the last 2 years. At the banquet last night, the coach did not thank me or any of the board. It was kind of sad. I went early to help decorate the room. We put the jerseys of the senior players up on a photo tripod and here you see my son (#15) with his friends. The boys sat at a table in front of these. It looked really nice.

This is Jake, Chris and Thadd (my son) at the banquet. They are all best friends. Thadd and Chris have been friends since elementary school when they played their first football game together. I have become really good friends with his mom too, she was the VP for the team. During the senior's speeches, Jake actually thanked me personally for my encouragement and for helping him with the sport (making sure he got to games, feeding him and just listening when he needed someone to talk to about things) What a great kid! Don't they all look handsome?
After saying that the varsity coaches were big jerks all year I have to say that the parents have been, for the most part, wonderful to work with. Everyone hugged me and told me how much they are going to miss me. One mom even wanted to know if I would be back for a game so she could get to see me. I got up and thanked my board and then my friend Terry (the VP) got up and gave me these beautiful flowers!
One of our members at large then began to speak and tell me how much they will all miss me and how much they appreciated everything I did for the team. He said lots of wonderful things about me and it was very nice to hear that all my time was so appreciated! Apparently the parents got together and took up a collection and gave me 2 gift cards. $50 to Joe's Crab Shack and $100 to JAF!!! How thoughtful and how nice that everyone thought so highly of me. I was in total shock! Then if that wasn't enough, one family, the one where she and I struggled during the golf outing time, came up to me and gave me a $25 gift certificate to Applebee's from her family! It truly made me understand how much they all appreciated my efforts.
The evening was fun, the food was good and I am walking away with a good feeling. Our treasurer was having a bad night though as her FIL was placed into Hospice last night when we were at the banquet. She and I have become good friends and her DH is planning on being my replacement as president next year. He is a great guy and will do a fabulous job. Please keep their family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time.

You are all so wonderful I know your prayers will help them, even if they don't know you are doing it for them, I'll know! THANKS!!


Faith said...

Hi Pam that was really nice of the group to give you voucher and things. I hope that you will find something nice and something that you want. Faithx

MichelleB said...

How nice that they showed their appreciation of you - even if the coach was a jerk!

I'm loving your Swanky (I LOVE that line). I can hardly wait to see what it becomes.

Pat said...

I'm glad the season ended with the parents' being sweet to you even if the coaches were NOT!

Allie said...

Such handsome boys - men, really. I'm glad that you were appreciated, even if not by the coach. $100 to JAF? Wowzers! Not only do they appreciate you, I'd say they got your number, lol.

I'll say a prayer for your treasurers' sad.

Tanya said...

Thank you Lord for Mamaspark contribution to helping raise these young men into adults who will influence the world. Thank you for the love shown to her too. We ask that You be with the Lacrosse team's treasurer and her family and strengthen them as they care for their dear father.. In Jesus' name.. Amen

Anne said...

Pam, Even as mad as the coach was, a fun time was had by all. These boys will always remember what you did for them. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend for graduation.
I went to graduation in Ionia today and we went to Applebee's afterwards. We had a great time. Hope that you did too.

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