Monday, May 13, 2019

Dressmaker SWA2000

How was everyone's weekend?  Mother's Day always brings mixed emotions for me. 
 My own mother has been gone for over 18 years now and we were not particularly close.  
None of my own children were around this weekend for various reasons, but everyone checked in.  The weather was less than optimal so I decided I needed to do some things around the house. 

 I chose to work on my vintage Dressmaker sewing machine on Saturday. 
 I bought her at the SA and she needed some help. 

 I got a new shuttle for the bobbin area and cleaned and oiled that and installed it.

Only to realize that she also needs a new belt.

I cleaned it all up inside and oiled everything I could figure out to oil.

I am still trying to figure out how to grease the motor.  I spent a few hours working on her.

It is very promising.  The cabinet is not in very good shape.  
In addition, unless you have a short chair, 
I am not sure how you would use the knee pedal to make it run.  
The front of the cabinet is very long.  
I am thinking to see if I can figure out how to convert into a foot pedal.  
I think it will be as easy as un-mounting it from the cabinet and removing the knee lever.

Once I get a belt and can make sure that she will actually run, 
then I will purchase some feet and start looking for the cams for the decorative stitches. 
 It is a really nice little machine and would be a great machine for someone 
once I get it all figured out.

I don't plan on keeping her so if you know anyone that might be interested please send them my way.  I just want out of her what I have put into her.



Jacqueline said...

Sounds like you had a productive day.

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