Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Pea Fowl

We went over to visit our daughter last night and to play with the pea babies. 
First we had to visit with the adult pea fowl in the pens.  
This video shows her hand feeding her blue male, Gadget, and one of her females, Sola.  
Jocelyn the turkey got into the feeding too.  
She is one of my favorite birds.  
She always comes up to me, especially if I have dandelion heads, her favorite!

You can see Gadget here and her rooster, Tanner.
We saw Stan and Artemis too but I forgot to get photos of them in the barn.

Gadget is not old enough to have a train yet, but her other male, Orion has his.
Isn't he gorgeous?
He is a purple peacock.

Just look at those gorgeous colors!

His eye feathers are so amazing.  I see a quilt in this.  Purple, teal and gray.

Watch Orion shake his tail feathers!

Lastly we played with babies!

Photos are orange due to the heat lamps in the room.  
They are seriously the cutest things in the world!

Maybe I need to plan a purple quilt?
Maybe I already am...



BarefootThunder said...

Beautiful creatures, birds. Purple, teal, and gray quilt... Hmmmm sounds lovely. Can't wait to see it😉

Bettina Groh said...

How long does it take for pea babies to hatch?? Were they in an incubator or did Mama hatch them?? Loads of dandelions here ... too bad I can't give you some!! LOL

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