Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Twin Fun

My daughter's best friend had twin baby girls this past April. 
 I knew when she told us that I would make quilts for the girls.  
Mama is very particular about things so I got the OK on colors from her before I started. 
I found the beautiful line by Riley Blake, Neverland, really fit the bill.

Since the girls are not identical I didn't want the quilts to be identical either.  
I would use the same fabrics but different quilt patterns.  
They received the quilts yesterday so I can now post about them.

This Meadowland quilt was made for sweet Audrey.

 I had my friend, Liz, quilt fairies into both quilts.

This Starburst quilt was made for sweet baby Brooke.

I just love this fabric so much!

Of course I had to center Peter, Hook and Wendy in some of the stars.

I found a coloring page that had these awesome ships on them. 
 I decided they needed to become the labels for these quilts. 
 As you can see I used Tinkerbell fabric for the back of both quilts.

Mama was gracious enough to send me photos right away with both babies enjoying their quilts.
I just love when the mamas do this!

You can't get much sweeter than these two little cuties now can you? 
 I hope to be able to meet them in real life very soon.  
They live many states away so it might take some time. 

For Audrey and Brooke, made with love and little pieces of my heart!



Judy in Michigan said...

Such pretty little girls. They look so tiny on their quilts and I think the quilts aren't all the huge!! Perfect way to make similar but distinct quilts for these two angels. Well done!!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful babies and beautiful quilts.

Janice said...

Oh, what delightful quilts sure to stir their imaginations! I was already off in Neverland just looking at those cute fabrics. And those LABELS! My goodness you went all out on these quilts and they are just perfect. How did you make those labels?

Jenny said...

Beautiful little babies on their beautiful quilts!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Lovely colors, designs, babies!

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