Thursday, February 25, 2021

Another Chenille Blanket

 Today I was working on another chenille blanket.  
I love to make these for new babies.  
They are relatively easy and quick to make. 
 I had everything in my stash to make his too, which is a bonus. 
I have a tutorial on my tutorial page if you want to make one too.
  You will need 4 one yard cuts of flannel and one yard of cotton woven that is a kid print you like and will go with the flannel you chose. 
 Next you spray baste the layers together except for the layer of the first and second flannel. 
 You lay down the woven right side down then spray, then first flannel, NO SPRAY BASTE, second flannel, spray baste, third flannel, spray baste, fourth flannel.  
Next comes the sewing of the lines. 
 I use tape corner to corner diagonally and sew down one side to get a guide line. 
 Then, using my walking foot and guide, I sew lines 5/8" from the first line and continue to make 5/8" lines until all the blanket has lines. 
 Like this. 
 You can see my set up here.

This is what both sides look like when all the lines are sewn.

The next step is to cut between the lines.  
You can use chenille scissors or a chenille cutter.  
Cut between ALL the lines. 
 It will look like this.

Once all your channels are cut it's time to square up the blanket. 
 I do this by folding it in half one way and cutting then the  other way and cutting it.

You trim quite a bit off.  
These are my trimmings!

Once it is squared up you need to bind it.  
I needed to make binding.  
I decided on striped binding on the bias, so I had to bust out the bias ruler.
I told you that I would show you the ruler so I took some pictures of it today.
This is what the ruler looks like.

These are the cards that came in the packaging which can show you the brand.

It's really neat and this is how I put my bias strips together. 
 I will say that starching the fabric prior to cutting made the cutting much easier.
I was even able to match the stripes!

This is what the blanket looks like all bound. 
 I put the binding on and turned it and glued it down then machine sewed it down.

The BEST step is the last one where you wash and dry it and the chenille "magic" looks like!
It gets all soft and fuzzy and will be perfect for baby.
All ready for gifting.

I'm kind of in love with the striped binding. 

I am hoping that this will be received so well by the baby it is intended for.

Have you made one of my chenille blankets? 
How did you like your finished product?



Sharlyn said...

That binding is so pretty! I would think leaving the edges undone and just fuzzy but I really like the binding😊

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