Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pattern Testing

 I agreed to do an edit on a pattern and then to make a pattern to test for someone too. 
 I got the edited pattern back to the person and that was fine. 
 Then yesterday I was putting the blade to my food processor away and 
sliced the heck out of my thumb.  
Of course it is the thumb on my right hand too, my cutting and hand sewing hand!!! 
 I will show you the cut but at the end of the post, just in case anyone is squeemish.

I only had about half of the pattern cut out when it happened too.  
Of course!  So I bandaged it up and slept on it. 
 I figured I could make it work today and I was right. 
 I finished my cutting. 
 The pattern is by Apples and Beavers and is called Dragon Dreams. 
 It's going to be available for  purchase in the near future. 
 I have seen everyone else's dragons in the group and they are so adorable. 
 I decided I wanted to try something different so I am making an ice dragon.  
Sort of appropriate for the polar vortex we are in right now.  
Winter is coming...

Here was my fabric pull:

I managed to get the head of the dragon finished and the second part too, but not picture yet.

I saw this today and had a chuckle.  Look what she did here in Michigan!

So if you have read this far, and want to see the cut here it is.

It still really hurts.

Hubby is driving to Traverse City tomorrow for the car dealership.
That means I get the house to myself tomorrow.
I am hoping to finish my dragon then.

It's also Ash Wednesday so church tomorrow night.
I signed up to donate plasma on Friday.
I am also going over to Crazy Quilt Girl's house to help her cut Pearl Bracelet FQB.
She will be listing them in her ETSY and Amazon shop if you are interested.

Have a great night!



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