Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Catching Up

 I have been doing a LOT of binding lately. 
 It's not great for photos but it is what I have been working on. 
 That and embroidering and sewing on labels. 
 I have bound 2 quilts for babies and now working on a third,
 to gift to a very special friend for her birthday (which I will miss this year). 

 I have also been making yummy keto foods from new to me recipes.  
Is there any interest in that?  

I've also been giving plasma
 (right now twice a week, but once that commitment is over I will give once a week).  
Since I have recovered from Covid, my antibodies in my plasma can help others that need the antibody therapy to get better. 
 The plasma donations make me a little tired for the day though so I just take it easy on those days.  

Wanna see some of these things now?  
First up was binding a second baby quilt.
  I think I showed the other baby quilt, the Dogs in Sweaters.
This one is made using the Neverland fabric line by Jill Howarth for RBD.  
You can see the corner of the label peeking out there.  
I need to get a photo of the front of this one all quilted. 
 So sweet.  
These Neverland fabrics are so cute!
I will show the labels once the quilts have been gifted.

So some of that keto food.
This is a pulled pork sandwich.
I made the port in the Instant Pot and it was so easy and so good!
Recipe can be found here

After 2 days of pulled pork I wanted something else. 
 I was at Aldi getting eggs and saw their shaved beef.  
Made me think Philly Cheese Steaks. 
 I found a casserole on Wholesome Yum but I changed it a little bit.
  I used the shaved beef instead of ground beef, I added half a package of sliced mushrooms.  
I didn't have provolone cheese so I added some shredded mozzarella and then slices of swiss cheese. 
 It was so good! 
 Really easy to make and so yummy! 
 This is what it looked like coming out of the oven.

This is what it looked like on my plate before I devoured it!

My daughter asked me to make a self binding blanket for a friend of hers.  
Is there any interest in a self binding blanket tutorial?
Or do you all already know how to make them?
They had a baby recently and their last name is fox, so a fox version it was! 
 Finny approved of it too.

I had a little bit of the flannel left over so I cut it into 5" squares 
and paired it with some orange flannel and made a burp cloth to go with the blanket.  
I am just waiting for the address to send this one away.

I recently gifted a chenille blanket to a friend to pass along to a friend of hers that had a baby.  
It seems the package may have gotten misplaced/lost.  
I keep hoping it will show up.

I had a quilt here that was custom quilted but the colors were not something I would ever be able to use. A friend of mine is raising money for a little boy and his family (he is in the hospital). 
 When her Go Fund Me page reaches certain milestones she gives away a quilt, 
so I offered up this quilt. 
 I said if she preferred she could give to the family or the grandmother 
(who is keeping their other child and is her friend).  
So I am gifting that in the near future.

Doesn't it feel so good to send good out into the world?  
That quilt was not bringing joy to anyone sitting in my closet! 
One of my all time favorite sayings is "What goes around comes around".
Have a great day my friends!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You've been staying busy! Your recipes look wonderful and, I'm assuming, this means that your sense of taste has returned? The self-binding blankie will be treasured!

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