Monday, April 12, 2021

Baby Makes and Travel

Before we left for NC I made some sheets for Avery out of knitted fabric.
My daughter requested some sheets out of knitted fabric.
I found a bunch of super cute prints.

Making crib sheets out of knit fabric is a little more difficult than using quilting cotton.
The width of quilting cotton is 42-44" when you leave the selveges on.  
Knit fabric is much wider 54-56", so you have to cut the width down.
I found a way to do this using my large cutting table, 
a ruler and a herra marker to mark the width to cut off.
I then used my scissors to cut the width off. 
 It was different for each fabric, so you have to decide how wide you want and measure each fabric. 
 I used 44" as my width. 
 I kept the fabric folded as it came off the bolt, used my long ruler to measure 22" from the fold. 
 I butted up another ruler to the end of the long ruler and used my herra marker to make a cutting line. 
 I also squared up one side then measured 68 inches down the length and cut the other side. 
 Once I got a system down for this the sheets were not much more difficult than using quilting cotton. 
 I have a tutorial on making sheets under my tutorial section.  
Hopefully this makes sense. 
 If you are interested in me making a tutorial, 
let me know and when I get home I can try to get one made.

I used the cut out corners to make some re-usable cloth wipes. 
 I also made smaller ones from the left over length strips I had. 
 I did not have enough time to get all the fabric made into cloths, but goals now.

We packed up our truck and headed down to NC to visit the kids and Avery. 
 The cats love to hang out with us in the truck. 
 Finn curls up on Chris and Cole likes to be on the console or on the floor at my feet.

Cole, at my feet.

More on our travels and visit to come.




Bettina Groh said...

I wondered whether knit fabric crib sheets needed to be a little smaller due to the stretch?? I remember being able to buy knit crib sheets ... way back when!! Glad you made it down to NC!!

ckrut said...

Love that your kitties like to ride with you. Enjoy that sweet baby and the time with your family!

Angei said...

Come visit Pineapple/keepsake fabrics warehouse in Archdale while you are in NC if you can. You will have fun with all the fabrics and pr3cuts. Eye candy without gaining any weight

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I know that you're getting in all the cuddles and baby time that you've missed these last few months. Enjoy! The sheets are precious, you're SEW smart!

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